Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This is why Trump has so many people who are loyal to him....and will go to the mattresses for hiim.

The speechwriter who screwed up Melania's speech by cribbing from Mooschelle's speech has fessed up. She offered her resignation and Trump refused. It said the everyone can make an honest mistake and he wasn't going to fire her or accept her resignation. Text of her letter:

So you see this is how Trump handles things for loyal subordinates. Yes she screwed up. Yes she made Melania look bad. But he supported her because in the end it is only the attacks of liberals, Democrats and the media that are stake. He is not going to eat his young to curry favor with these scumbags. Good on you Mr. Trump.


Lem said...

A Trump detractor noted that the story was fizzling out and now they brought it back... not they way things are usually handled apparently.

edutcher said...

Is this guy good, or what? You know this would merit a screeching fit at Hillary HQ that would even have Grassy Knoll and Huma running for cover, even though it's a tempest in a teapot.

Trump knows talent and he knows you stick by your people. This is how you keep a good organization running (I speak from experience).

To that end, I want to link a Surber piece on the latest VDH column for NRO.

No. 1. It turns out Trump is not Hitler. Wrote Hanson: "That diagnosis is rehashed groupthink."

No. 2. Obama will campaign for Hillary. Turns out Obama is divisive. Wrote Hanson: "It is likely that Obama, to cement a hard progressive legacy in the next four months, will only double down on his gratuitous pandering, and therefore will see his poll numbers return to the low or mid-40s."

No. 3. It turns out Trump likes people, Hillary doesn't. Wrote Hanson: "Like it or not, Trump can square the ridiculous circle of a raucous billionaire as man of the people far better than Hillary can handle the contradictions of a Wall Street–created crony multimillionaire pandering to the Sanders socialists."

Note to Hanson: Read my book. Gossip columnist Liz Smith explains Trump's outer-borough love of the hoi polloi.

No. 4. It turns out not all black people or Hispanics are alike and some will, shockingly, vote for Trump. Wrote Hanson: "Media elites are in denial over this possibility. Racial hyphenation and bloc voting, along with prophecies of continual white irrelevance, should by their reckoning have long ago doomed Trump in the general election."

No. 5. Clinton was not indicted. Wrote Hanson: "She may be delighted at not having been indicted, but FBI Director Comey confirmed to the nation that she was an inveterate liar, paranoid, conspiratorial, and incompetent."

Here's a link to the original NRO column.

VDH was in the thrall of Driscoll and the NeverTrumpers at PJM, but he seems to be getting his mojo back.

PS Lem, this was a story purely for wonks. Some guy stuck in traffic by the Code Pink "wall" didn't care.

If anything, this gives the average working stiff an appreciation for Trump he might not have had before.

Methadras said...

There are mistakes and then there are career ending mistakes. Was this a career ending mistake? Trump said nope. At least not for now. If he wins, most likely that speech writer stays.

AllenS said...

Trump's response is how a non-politician behaves. Good on him.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Milo claimed (as Lem mused) that this was all set up from the get by Trump. Still does not explain how "Rick Rolled" got in, unless Melania just liked dancing to Rick Astley back in the day.

Trooper York said...

I think it is indicative of how he operates. That is why you don't have legions of people coming out of the word work slamming Trump. If you did we would have heard about it already.

The only story I remember is those guys who got fired because of the fur coat and it was Trump who told the story on himself. Not those guys coming forward to slam him.

Contrast with some of the other political players and you start to get the idea.

edutcher said...

Tell you something else it shows.

How smart this guy is. He takes a negative (even a mild negative) and turns it into a positive.

Any working stiff who was on the fence about voting for Trump because he's a rich boy sees this and now he knows the guy has a heart and some class.

Trooper York said...

Lem you have to stand behind your people and have their back.

Obama just told the cops that he has their back. Do you think they believe him?

If Trump said it do you think they might believe him if he said he had their back?

After the way Trump stood behind Corey and now this speech writer I think they might get the message.

Trooper York said...

Trump in general seems a pretty forgiving sort of guy. I mean he is letting Little Marco and the One True Ted speak tonight even though they still have not really endorsed him. Trump will slam you hard but then put out his hand and offer you friendship. More often than not the other party refuses as they can't believe he got the best of them. But he will work with them to get a deal done. To get a project off the crowd. That is how New York Real Estate works. Yesterday's mortal enemy can be your new partner. You make a deal with the most advantages you can get out of it. But you make a deal and get the project done.

Plus you stand behind your people. If you are loyal you will get loyalty back a thousand fold. This is just the current example.

Amartel said...

Cruz isn't home sulking. He's showing up. Trump needs him showing up. It's not going to be a ringing endorsement so please don't whine about that. Just don't. This is a diverse party. We don't do lockstep well. That's a good thing. It's not going to be Bernie Sanders knuckling under. Cruz showing up may be all the endorsement Trump gets but it's enough. If you're conservative this, Trump, this is the guy you've got to back. Because the alternative . . . .

Amartel said...

I like that Trump is loyal to his people. This appears to have been an honest mistake blown way out of proportion. Case closed I hope.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

It's not going to be a ringing endorsement so please don't whine about that

It doesn't have to be. What Cruz should do, if he wants to save any shreds of dignity (unlike Jeb, Kasich, Graham et al) is to stand up and man up. Say something like this.

"I didn't win the nomination. Trump is the chosen candidate of the people and through the process of the convention. I will be true to my promise and stand behind my vow to support the candidate of the party. To do anything else would be breaking my vow before the people and before God. We need to come together as a party and defeat Hillary Clinton and the Democrat agenda. There is too much at stake to be upset for personal issues. The Supreme Court hangs in the balance. There is turmoil throughout the world. We have internal problems with jobs, economic issues and immigration. The only way we can solve this and go forward is to defeat the Democrats and defeat Hillary Clinton. Therefore I support the chosen candidate of the Republican Party and will work to win in we all should. Donald J Trump."

There. Support for the party. Support for defeating Hillary. And not a ringing kiss up to Trump. Kissing up would be a hypocritical thing to do and I would respect Cruz less if he did so. Just as I would lose all respect for him if he goes back on his pledge.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

I have hopes that Cruz will man up and not be a sniveling, whiney, butt hurt baby like Bush, Kasich etc.

Trooper York said...

All Cruz has to do is stand by his commitment to support the final candidate of the Republican Party. He doesn't even have to name him if he doesn't want to.

Of course that would be a pussy move. He should look at what Reagan and Pat Buchanan did when they lost really hard fought campaigns to Ford and Bush. They manned up and said nice things about someone they despised just as much as Cruz despises Trump. If he remains a petulant child then he is signaling what he is all about. It is entirely up to him.

What does the NeverTrump crap that people like Kristol and Goldberg and Beck are doing to their brand. I advise the Senator to rethink his speech. Just sayn'

Patrick said...
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Trooper York said...

He doesn't have to kiss up to Trump at all. Jeff Sessions doesn't kiss his ass. Tom Cotton or Joni Earnst or Mike Pence don't kiss his ass.

Nobody expect fulsome praise or swearing undying allegiance. Just what would be normal if you are supporting the nominee of your party even if you don't agree with everything he has to say.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

So who "Rick Rolled" Melania?

No one really has an answer to that one.

Was it Milo?

edutcher said...

I don't know if this is true or just Lefty GOTV scare, but, if you wanted to turn the country around, purging Federal civil service is a great place to start.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

I have hopes that Cruz will man up and not be a sniveling, whiney, butt hurt baby like Bush, Kasich etc.

The One True Ted apparently has delusions the party will run to him in '20 if things go bad. He thought the party would do it this year. We all know how that worked out.

The party can't stand him and doesn't trust him (wisely so). His little prima donna act of not endorsing Trump is bull and most of the wheels in the party realize it. The Conservatives saw what he was like in the delegate poaching scheme and walked out on him.

If he's a smart as he's supposed to be (I mean in terms of good sense, and I don't think he is), he'll say the real enemy is Hillary and he's going to be first one to storm the barricades in the cause of Donald Trump - and then do it.

I don't think he will, though; he's got the same delusions as Little Marco and Kasich; that, because they won a few primaries, that he's a wheel in the party and none of them are. He's filed for re-election in 2 years and he's going to see what a real election looks like because TX now is going to judge the man, not the image he sold them.

Little Marco is in a 5 way primary in FL to hang on to his Senate seat when he wanted to run for Governor to give him another shot at the top spot. And nobody cares what Kasich says.

Cruz and Little Marco have a chance to restart themselves, but only because Trump wanted to be magnanimous. We'll see if they are smart enough to know he didn't have to even mention them.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

The Independent is saying "Meredith McIver" does not exist and is really Paul Manafort, but she is listed with a speaking agency and has been ghosting Trump books for years. Still, there is not a lot on her.

edutcher said...

Whatev. As I say, the commuters heading out to Akron and Lorain and trying to duck the Lefties who want to spray them with wee wee don't care about it.

FWIW I finally found a schedule for tonight's festivities (you have to scroll a bit to get past the credits).

Rubio is on vid (sorry), Looks like Walker and Cruz are the warmups for videos of the Trump family.

Some sites list Cruz as a featured speaker, some don't. Pence and Newt are the headliners.

Trooper York said...

She is obviously a functionary in the Trump organization. Trump has to prove everything. Hillary does not have to prove anything.

Trump has to show the canceled checks for this charitable contributions.

Hillary doesn't have to answer press questions about who donated to the Clinton Foundation. She doesn't have to prove anything ever.

It is getting really old.

Trooper York said...

Here is a photo of Melania's speech writer. She is a registered Democrat if that matters. She seems contrite. What you want to blame on malice can often be attributed to incompetence.

Of course the weasel press will insist she doesn't exist unless she gives a blood test and a pap smear.

Sixty Grit said...

Trump is making terrible personnel decisions. It's almost as if he doesn't want to win.

Trooper York said...

Well this is someone who has worked for him for quite some time. It wasn't someone hired for the campaign.

He is hiring in New York City so most of the people he gets are liberal hipsters. So things like this are going to happen.

Once again I don't think it is malice but instead incompetence. With the Rick Rolling stuff just hipster irony. They think they are smarter than everyone else.

I think the pick of Pence was pretty solid. If he announces the rest of the Cabinet and it includes people like Flynn, Bolton, Giuliani and Sessions we should be fine.

edutcher said...

Lou Dobbs has Freddy Barnes and Mike Gallagher on and, if they try any harder to smile, I think their faces will break.