Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bullet The Blue Sky

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edutcher said...

A couple of points from TOP I don't think we hit on the Castile thing (they're finally getting around to it over there)

"...he drove for six consecutive years without a valid license, as officers would quickly discover after they pulled him over."

"In his first six years as a driver, Mr. Castile received nearly two dozen tickets, mostly for driving without insurance or with a suspended license. He managed to keep getting his license reinstated until late 2007, when it was revoked for a lack of insurance."

So, he constantly broke the law. He was a known violator of traffic laws.

I do believe that it possible that the officer acted improperly, but it doesn't necessarily mean racial profiling

Sounds like an Adam Sandler movie


So, this outstanding pillar of the community is consistently driving without a license, no insurance, etc., etc. Sounds to me like a profile for a petty criminal if anything and most likely what the local cops thought of him too.

What is such a person doing driving around with a handgun within reach? He had to know that any cop seeing him with a gun would react badly

As this is still under investigation AFAIK, some or all of this may prove prescient.

Amartel said...

Bono almost bought it last week in the Nice atrocity. Ran for his life.

edutcher said...

So did Stallone.