Friday, June 10, 2016

Trump hits a home run......suck it #NeverTrumpers!

Trump Challenges Hillary Clinton: Stop Your Support for Refugee Program, Give the Money to Inner City Kids

Donald Trump is calling on Hillary Clinton “to replace her support for increased refugee admissions… with a new job program for our inner cities.”

Clinton “wants a 500% increase in Syrian refugees to come into our country,” Trump said at Friday’s Faith and Freedom Summit.
Clinton’s plan to resettle 65,000 Syrian migrants would cost U.S. taxpayers over $42 billion over the course of the migrants’ lifetimes, based on projections from Heritage Foundation scholar Robert Rector.
Trump said that rather than using taxpayer funds to import foreign migrants from terror-prone regions, Clinton should instead use the funds to help struggling Americans who are living in our inner cities.

“We have to take care of the people who are here,” Trump explained. “We have to temporarily stop this whole thing with what’s going on with refugees, where we don’t know where they come from… We have to take a rest. We have to take a time out. We have to use the money to take care of our poorest Americans and work with them, so they can come out of this horrible situation that they’re in.”
Clinton’s call for admitting 65,000 Syrian refugees comes on top of the roughly 40,000 refugees and asylees the U.S. already admits from the Muslim world each year—and this does not include the larger permanent resettlement program that occurs through green cards, which would bring total annual migration from the Muslim world to 182,000 a year under Clinton’s proposal.
At Friday’s summit, Trump called for “new immigration controls to keep us safe from radical Islamic terrorism.”
“Without documentation, we don’t know where they come from,” Trump said. “Hillary will bring hundreds of thousands of refugees, many of whom have hostile beliefs about people of different faiths and values, and some of whom absolutely and openly support terrorism in our country. We don’t need that. We have enough problems. We have enough problems right now. “
Trump explained that Clinton’s policies, including her support for open borders, will deliver a “crushing blow” to African American and Hispanic communities. He said:
Regulation, bureaucracy, government control and open borders have economically destroyed our inner cities. Her [Clinton’s] policies will be a crushing blow to all poor people in this country. Her education policies, her economic policies, her immigration policies and her trade policies will plunge our poor African American and Hispanic communities into turmoil and even worse, despair—believe me, you look at what’s going on. The Democrat party has run the school boards and the police department, and the city councils, and the mayors offices in most of our inner cities—almost all of our inner cities… they’ve horribly failed in almost every single community. In fact, you could almost say in every community. I’m going to turn things around.
 “Together, friends, we will chart a new optimistic course for America,” Trump declared. “We will put America first. When you look at our deals—our military, our trade deals—we don’t put America first. I don’t think anybody negotiating these trade deals even knows anything about what they’re doing and I don’t think they care about America being first. I care and you care—and that’s the way it’s going to be.


rcocean said...

Great message by Trump. It won't win him any Black votes but it may reduce their turnout a bit.

rcocean said...

I see King of the Cucks alias Mitt Romney is on TV again. Calls Trump a "racist" and a "misogynist".

What a damn liar Mitt is. Doing everything he can to elect Hillary.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Excellent, more please!

Trooper York said...

This is the kind of thing that Trump is going to use to slice a significant wedge off of the black wedge. Not anywhere near 50% of course. But if he is in the 30% range it will flip a lot of states.

Look he can give this speech in Michigan with Amarosa on one side of him and Mike Tyson out of the other. Some shitheads who post here mock Tyson but of course they don't know anything. His story is one of a significant amount of redemption and sorrow. He plead for forgiveness and has tried to make amends. It is well known it the black community. He is not the thug he was back in the day. More importantly Trump has always been his friend. He kept telling him to check on Don King because he was going to rip him off. When that happened and he was friendless Trump stepped up to help him. He didn't forget it. He will be bring testimony to the congregation. And the people will shout AMEN!

Trooper York said...

Trump will slice a significant wedge off of the black vote. He speaks their language.

Mitt and the cuckservatives are afraid of people like Mike Tyson. That is the difference right there sports fans.

The brothers recognize the pimp hand when they see it.

Trooper York said...

Of course ignorant morons will say this will conflict with the racist hordes who support Trump. That is simply nonsense.

The white working class is more than happy to see their African American brothers and sisters get jobs and opportunity. It is a win win for everyone.

Just as long as they don't get too uppity. Just sayn'

Rhythm and Balls said...

Can I just add this to your photo bank, Troop?

Use it in good health.

Rhythm and Balls said...

More fun stuff.

I'm telling you, the best anti-Hillary stuff is on the left.

edutcher said...

Now that's a proposal that will leave a mark. Blacks have had the message Federal money should be spent on them, not on stuff like the space program, for 50 years. This skewers Hillary nicely.

rcocean said...

Great message by Trump. It won't win him any Black votes but it may reduce their turnout a bit.

Right now he's polling at 26% among blacks. That's better than any R candidate since Nixon.

In '60.

Rhythm and Balls said...

I'm telling you, the best anti-Hillary stuff is on the left.

They've had a thing against the Ozarks as sellouts since the late '90s, which is why Bernie's done as well as he's done. And those are the people who may stay home.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

I know it is just anecdotal and probably not representative of all of the Hispanic communities because we are rural and agriculturally based. But in our small area we do have a rather high proportion of Mexicans. Many are legal and some are not. Generally they may have come from the same small villages in Mexico and are often related to each other. The men mostly all work. On the farms and ranches. Drive logging, hay and cattle trucks. Diesel mechanics. They are thrifty and their homes and yards are pristine...even with a few chickens :-) The men generally have some fluency in English. They need to in order to work. The ranchers pay them very well and often hire their main foreman from the Hispanic community and then provide them with a house on the ranch to live in. Some of the women are clerks in the grocery store or at the banks, where they are quite valuable in being able to rapidly switch from English to Spanish. Most of the women are housewives and take care of their children. The little children are very well behaved. Being a small town, we all know each by name or by sight.

The Catholic Church in the valley has expanded to two days of services due to the amount of Mexicans who want a Spanish language mass and the old timers in the valley who don't speak Spanish. So. We have two days. The church is flourishing. Personally, I would prefer that they go back to Latin masses and then no one would understand what is going on :-)

The illegals in this area who are here are part of the families. If there are illegals who come through who are "acting up" or appear to be gang types, the community of Hispanics seem to police themselves and the bad seeds soon disappear.

Our best friend is a shade tree mechanic, retired CHP and speaks spanish quite well so he does a lot of work for the Mexican community. They like him because he is friendly, speaks their language and is always looking to save them some money. The Mexicans get ripped off quite frequently by the other mechanics and the dealerships because they aren't really fluent and not too sure of themselves. They trust him explicitly.

To make a long story short (too late!!!!). The consensus from the legal and even illegals in our area is that they support Trump. They don't want any more illegals especially from Honduras etc that give them all a bad name. They don't want them to come in with their "bad ways", drive down wages and basically ruin the lives and reputations that they, our resident Hispanics have built up over a couple of generations.

Trooper York said...

Thanks for the testimony DBQ. Something you would never hear in the sleazy media.

Dad Bones said...

What DBQ described isn't unlike the rural Midwest. I do a little shade tree work on my own vehicles and Mexicans are usually the only customers I see at the local self serve auto salvage yard. These aren't guys I worry about breaking into my house, and I don't see them needing much support from the government.

I have no idea how many are legal, though, or who they would vote for.