Friday, June 17, 2016

"A Life of Violent Threats Paved Way for Orlando Attack"

"Often citing Islamic terrorists, Omar Mateen worried peers, employers and the FBI, but wasn’t stopped"
Again and again for much of his life, Omar Mateen let people know he was a violent, dangerous person capable of murder. Repeatedly, he wiggled out of trouble, distracting officials with a beguiling charm, a feigned stupidity or some other tactic.
A look at Mateen’s troubled life, based on interviews with officials and people who knew him, as well as documents, reveals that on at least a dozen occasions, beginning when he was in grade school, he gave clues in a public setting that he was capable of mayhem.
At age 14, he said he could shoot an AK-47 and mimicked an airplane flying into the World Trade Center. At 26, he bragged to courthouse co-workers of terrorist ties. Weeks ago, at 29, Mateen sought to buy heavy-duty body armor and bulk ammunition.
Many of his violent outbursts aped or celebrated Islamic terrorism and he repeatedly claimed connections to known terrorists, including the Boston Marathon bombers. He cheered the 9/11 attacks on the day they happened and once threatened to shoot partygoers at a barbecue when pork, which is forbidden to Muslims, touched his hamburger.
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chickelit said...

Heh. I retweeted that one too. And I only retweet about once a month these days.

Something is really fishy at the FBI. Of course, some will say that they've been preoccupied investigating Rodham. No one at the Bureau has said that, but that's what the DNC will say.

Methadras said...

So a thug acted out and look what we have. The thug left has been acting out and we do nothing while they plot and scheme to take our rights away incrementally little by little. Who's the real danger here?

edutcher said...

IOW he was a bomb waiting to go off, but he was protected by the Lefty PC system, backed up by Lefty court decisions.

Trooper York said...

Political correctness lead to these murders. Also the fact that Muslims will not report the dangerous terrorists in their midst. The bullshit that we have to coddle them so they will give these guys up is just that. Bullshit peddled by Obama and the rest of the apologists.

It is the same crap they spewed about the Communists back in the day.

AprilApple said...

Don't upset the delicate Muslim men. That's what the leftists say. We must instead worry about the Right Wing Christian Extremists! and abortion doc killers. They are everywhere-- they are the real killers.
I heard it from the Mosque near my house and from brilliant leftists. Funny how in sync they are?

ndspinelli said...

PC kills. A strong suit of Trump. But, his wanting to ban guns is really bad. That NY is showing. Sixty saw it first.