Monday, April 18, 2016

Who's going to sit through that?

Swedish director releases a SEVEN-HOUR TRAILER... for a film that will run for 30 days
The latest trailer dwarfs the previous one that came out last year which lasted a mere 72 minutes.
A 72-hour trailer is due to be released in 2018.
Writing on the website, The Longest Film, Mr Weberg said: 'I must be the most famous unknown filmmaker at the moment.
'I define myself simply as an artist currently working mostly with the moving medium. "Ambient filmmaking" is a term I really like and feel fits very well.'


edutcher said...

Sounds like The Boringest Film

ricpic said...

His use of "ambient" proves he's full of it.

Amartel said...

Self-indulgent much?

ampersand said...

Every Swedish film lasts 30 hours, or so it seems.