Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wisconsin in a Nutshell

Remember Ron Weisflog? Of course you do. He is from Milwaukee, WI.

That voice -- that accent -- it's authentic M'waukee. Listen to him admonish John McCain back in 2008:

Looking back, McCain in 2008 sounded like how Romney sounded in 2012. And Trump sounds today like Weisflog sounded in 2008 but writ larger.

Wisconsin today is filled with Ron Weisflogs (along with a few stray Meades). 


edutcher said...

If they sound like Weisflog, they must be for Trump.

Meade said...

Nut shell? Or nut case.

deborah said...

The Crash of '08 seems a long time ago. Down the memory hole.

Michael Haz said...

I met Ron Weisflog during my years as a home builder. He and his family run (or now more accurately ran) a business that specialized in cabinets, counters, flooring, and other interior fit-outs for new and remodeled homes. He is a very hardworking pulled-up-his-own-bootstraps guy. Honest, reputable, and so forth. His business got clobbered by the housing downturn from 2006 until pretty much 2014.

His remarks on Cavuto's show are an accurate reflection of how may in his industry feel, and also an accurate reflection of Waukesha County, probably the most reliably conservative voting county in America.

The current polling in Wisconsin has Cruz leading Trump by 3%, but within the margin of error. Here's what I posted on Insty on this subject:

Wisconsin is, as usual, politically weird this season. Three counties that form somewhat of a crescent around Milwaukee County (Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha counties) are among the most reliably conservative counties in America. They are heavily influenced by at least four local conservative radio talkers who have gone all anti-Trump. Those counties have very high negatives for Trump, and are the source of most of Cruz's strength.

Where it gets weird is the western and northern counties. Draw a line from Prairie du Chein to Green Bay. Areas west and north of that line are areas where Republicans never do well. Mostly rural areas with a few smaller cities and some university towns. Those are the areas where Trump has the highest favorables, and the source of his current strength in Wisconsin. It's a flip of the 'strength-weakness' map from the three previous Walker elections.

Here's a well written article (with map) that explains it. Good reading, I encourage you to read it. []

Wisconsin is also a notoriously difficult state to accurately poll, so be wary of results.

Meade said...

"He is a very hardworking pulled-up-his-own-bootstraps guy. Honest, reputable, and so forth"

If he is the same Ron "Ron the Angry Man" Weisflog, his anger could have also been a result of his former business, Weisflog's Showroom Gallery, losing Wisconsin Supreme Court cases in 2 lengthy court battles with customers.

Chip Ahoy said...

Dog's Prairie. I'm wracking my brains trying to figure out how a place could end up with a name like that. "It had a lot of coyotes," And that means it probably had a lot of game too. It's like Boca Raton, it doesn't sound good in the original either. Yeah, but that's shaped like a mouse face, not run over with mice, otherwise they'd name the place "Los Bichos Grandes."

How big are the bugs? At a hamburger joint late at night one crawled out of a crack and started reading the menu with me. When I flipped the page he flipped it back. (<--- contains at least 15% of true fact)

Trooper York said...

Ted Cruz would be popular in Wisconsin. They are inundated by people who love to molest dogs.
They are his peeps!

Meade said...

Troop's on the rag.

Methadras said...

John McCain was a fucking wet towel of a candidate. He was milquetoast just like Romney. Milquetoast doesn't win when democrats are gunning for your fucking head and you lose like a chump. Maybe Trump has a chance to mitigate some of that. I don't know, but certainly if Cruz can get past his own sanctimoniousness, then maybe, he can pull out a win, because he would wither Hillary for sure.

Methadras said...

Meade said...

Troop's on the rag.

Far be it from me to ask you how you would know what anyone being a rag looks like considering that in your household, that is a bygone memory.