Tuesday, March 22, 2016


This is Smithsonian photography winner under "people" category.

Maybe I should have cropped the black. Maybe it's essential. Maybe klicken sie für große.

This is another peeping Tom type through a glass to an urban interior. She's doing this in public. She looks like a doll. 

The person who took it provides a somewhat pretentious description. Taken in Kyoto Japan, 
There is no fiction, the photo was caught while I was wandering in the streets of Kyoto. My intent was to capture the life of night workers. Shift work, even at night and on holidays, often affects workers psychophysically. The requirements imposed by the “society of work” do not recognize the natural alternations of day and night and workers' biological clocks.
She isn't the first person to work two jobs, or do school and a job. My heart goes out to the overworked girl but she is not the first to suffer diurnal rhythm disruption by pressure of work. It's a great pic, and then that.

All the pictures are great. Smithsonian photo contest winners 2015.


rhhardin said...

Those are all photos meant to be arty.

They didn't consider my art album all unintentional. arrow through (about 15 pics).

deborah said...

Beautiful photo, Chip. Not just the window voyeurism, but the added infringement on a sleeper's vulnerability :)

Love your photos, rh...

MamaM said...

Re: rh's All Unintentional Art Album

Is humor a male or female trait? Are women emotional saps if they smile, laugh or nod their way through The Art According to Dog and Ohio Impressionism collection? Would, could or should they be considered clearly touched?

Leger and Pollack as favorites, although they're all wonderfully reflective of the master('s) eye.