Monday, June 17, 2024

Much like the Gods of the Copybook Headings...

Benjamin Franklin, Master Will, and the Bible, you have to hand it to old Aesop.

When he nailed it, he damned well nailed it to the freakin' wall with tenpenny nails.

In one of the more delicious twists of fate this political year, it's beginning to dawn on the ponderous thinkers of the Left that no matter how good things may look in prospect, one still needs to be careful of that for which you wish, you may get it.

In this case, certain former Presidents (although, given the dragnet thrown wide by the Demos since J6, any official or even citizen) can now be hauled into a kangaroo court and get the Roland Freisler treatment. Which leads us to, in no particular order, Willie Whitewater and his jaunts on the Lolita Express (and accounts payable), both of the Ozarks for what they did to Haiti, the Big Guy and his 10%, as well as, one surmises, Pelosi Galore for her stock deals, Eric Holder for Fast and Furious, and various Democrat governors for their conduct during the lockdown (arresting people for trying to go to church, all manner of miscues regarding kung flu victims in nursing homes, etc).

The list is endless and, as many of the Rs who doublecrossed Trump on J6 have begun to realize, if they can get him, they can get them, too. They finally get the idea the object of all this lawfare is a one party state and not a Uni-Party state.

I've been saying this on various comment boards since The Verdict came down and, as Charlie Brown once observed, "It's thrilling to be recognized in one's own lifetime". What's more satisfying is that, for all their mudslinging, if Trump is re-elected, all will depend on the character of The Outlaw President.

Will he want to play The Ringo Kid or John Reid?

Stay tuned for our next exciting episode. 


MamaM said...

The ads currently playing in MI for the purpose of nailing Trump with outright lies, are scary to listen to, pure propaganda so well played they sound and look like they might be enough to cow and convince low information voters.

MamaM said...

Seeing several articles today on how those ads aren't doing the job. but from my view they validate what some women, especially the pussy hat wearing masked Karens, want to believe is true.

edutcher said...

18% inflation seems to be a pretty damning rebuttal and, if the Interwebz are any indication, so has been The Verdict.

That said, the Karens would need a bomb to drop on them. Anyone else, and you have to remember what support Trump has won, he had to earn the hard way.