Wednesday, June 29, 2022

On Suitcases & Charitable Donations


To be clear, it's not just the American Queens currently situated in the Senate, the Media and the White House who've been toting around and delivering bags of foolishness. 

More at:  With an anonymous H/T to a respected discord commenter for this link to news I'd not previously seen.   And this photo compilation offered in a tweet by Mairtan, at the link under the heading:

                                            The Windsor boys always up to no good

                                                       The Dukes of hazard



edutcher said...

Their forebear, Henry VIII, originated the divine right of kings for a similar purpose, as a counter to papal supremacy when he wanted to play the field in search of a male heir.

Runs in the family.

Amartel said...

These two silly galoots. They were both on Epstein's plane. The only person of accomplishment in the whole family is the queen, and that's because not much was really expected. "Act like a respectable person" isn't exactly a high bar. The whole enterprise has compromised by taking up a soft-sell version of the environmental cause in exchange for getting a break on the bad press.