Friday, January 14, 2022

Get your books here.....

I have a bunch of books lying about all over the house. Now that I almost exclusively use Kindle I really don't have room or the inclination to keep a large library. I want to sell most of them if I can.

I tried to do it a couple of years ago with Amazon. I set up an account and actually sold a few. But it was big rip off. They paid very little and always made me wait. Plus, I shipped a bunch of books to them and when they didn't sell in three months, they said they were going to throw them out unless a paid a storage fee. I just lost them

I found a new venue to sell that someone recommended. It is called PangoBooks and it is available at the App store. It is a very easy download and you can set it up to sell your books. It is very user freindly and it has a lot of different collections. 

My collection is very heavy in mystery, sci-fi, historical fiction and alternative history. Check it out if you can and help a fella out. You might see a good book that you can get at a great price. All of them are in great condition and I am sure you will enjoy them.


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