Thursday, August 26, 2021

Jibber jab me!

Well I finally bit the bullet and got the jab. I waited until they worked most of the kinks out. We went fot the Johnson and Johnson since it was only one needle and we were told by our doctor that it had the least side effects and were the best for anyone who had an allegry.

Now there is no way I was going to a CVS where some clerk would take time out from sticking his finger up his nose to give a shot. The hospital had set up an injection site about four blocks from me across the road from the hospital so if something went wrong we could be at the emergency room toot suite. There were several nurses and a doctor around so there was full coverage.

We went into a cubicle and met the nurse who was giving out the dose. She said "What arm do you want it in?" I replied "Yours."

That didn't work so I got the jab. We hung around for half an hour to see if there was any adverse reactions. Nothing happened so we left.

Funny enough there was a new diner across the street so we decided to have lunch. I got what I always get when I go to a diner.

Meatloaf and mashed potato. It was just ok. The gravy was a little to sweet for my taste. The whole diner was trying to do an upscale thing and it was a little much. I like a down and dirty diner and this wasn't it. It was better than nothing but not be much.

Now I am waiting for the adverse reaction.

From the meatloaf.

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edutcher said...

I don't think you want to hear the new rumors, than.