Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Let's all get in the car.....

We can get away.

The match is lit. The gasoline is around the bed.

It's gonna happen.


edutcher said...

We still don't know who murdered Ashli Bobbitt.

We do know 5, maybe 7, people are dead in the wake of a few Deplorables wanting to talk to their Congressman.

It's not bravado. They really are that scared.

Why else build up a lot of ill will before that Commie governance they just know we're all going to end up loving even begins? They're talking about taking away people's kids and putting them in re-education camps.

Why else make fools of themselves impeaching Trump?


They're afraid of him. He's the movement, they think; kill him, make him a non-person and it dies.

And there will be an incident. You know it. I know it. MamaM prays it won't happen. Supposedly, Antifa is trying to gin up something this weekend. Another Ruby Ridge. Another Kyle Rittenhouse.

Bernie Goetz became a hero to a lot of straphangers because he fought back and the Establishment did their dead level best to destroy him.

Funny thing about incidents, At Wounded Knee Creek, the Indians were spoiling for a fight. Waving their Winchesters in the air. Taunting the 7th Cavalry.

And the order came down to disarm the Indians. A trooper wrestled with one brave and the gun went off. Then everybody started firing. The cavalry had the village surrounded and bullets were everywhere.

In the end, the Indians had gotten their fight, but it was more fight than they could handle.

History is replete with examples.

For get going into Scarsdale or even Medicine Bow. Imagine the fun trying to disarm Bed-Stuy or North Philly.

XRay said...

I watched my mother being beaten, then got beaten for attempting to protect her. All wife-beaters deserve death. Fucking coward bastards.

Gmoney said...

May 4 1970 Kent State....redux

MamaM said...

MamaM prays it won't happen.

And I do, edutcher. Along with "deliver us from evil".

Whatever's and whoever is driving this bus, it's raw fear of something (as you said) along with an alarming amount of hubris and disregard, and that's a dangerous and deadly combination.