Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Seeing Mad Magazine mentioned in a recent comment, I was inspired to post a tribute to the great Don Martin's greatest work. National Gorilla Suit Day is recognized world-wide as a masterpiece of Absurdism. In 1963 it was awarded the Prix Fixe at the yearly Biennale Absurdiste in Cantes.


ndspinelli said...

I always liked Spy v Spy. That was prescient for me.

Sixty Grit said...

Don Martin was a genius. My brother once did a sketch that was derivative of Mr. Martin's work, it was the best thing my brother ever drew.

As a youth I was amused by the name "Karbunkle", but my father, for obvious reasons, found it completely unfunny.

MamaM said...

Not seen before, but zowser, that was some kind of a wild creative ride down the slippery slope to the banana peel.

Favorite parts in addition to the ending were the pummeling verbs, the backfires and the "Boy will I be glad when this day is over" admission, followed by the arrival of what could be worse.

That type of expansive creative thinking heartens me. It's so vigorous and relentless, moving along with twists and turns that surprise yet connect to or build on the previous thought.

Plus it touches on or at least comes alongside some of the absurdity, surprises, denials, and reveals that have been coming through this year's door, in a way that actually felt cathartic, fifty plus years after it was written.