Saturday, September 7, 2019

Debra Messing

What a bummer.

I really liked that show Will and Grace and now these two dummkopfs ruined it. Messing and Eric McCormack.

And I like them in the other things that do.

And I liked Charmed, now that's affected too.

Today I tuned into a movie with a bunch of good movie stars with 4.5 stars review on Amazon Prime. The Rainmaker. Then right off Matt Damon is featured and I kept thinking about how he was such a sac de la douche during the teacher's protest in Wisconsin and saying on camera that teachers should be paid a million dollars a year. An actor with zero sense of what's financially possible because he's an actor grossly overpaid beyond anything sensible. And because his mother is a teacher. Having the opinion is one thing, but he was such an aggressive butt hole about it.

And that ruined the whole movie.

I'd rather watch something with an unknown actor. I don't want to know their names. I strongly prefer not to know their politics. Because they are always fiercely aggressively ridiculous. A bit overacted.

I think I just discovered how to get on their nerves badly as they get on mine. Play the director.

"Turn it down a notch, Bitch, you're overacting again."

I sensed Trump would respond.


edutcher said...

As always, the God emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne cuts to the quick.

Tank said...



The worst acted show ever produced.

Not bad with the sound off.

ricpic said...

"....saying.....that teachers should be paid a million dollars...."

Well, should they? A great teacher should. Mrs. Peterson, whom I loved, should have been paid a million. Miss Katz on the other hand should have been paid zilch. Even as a kid I knew something was wrong, terribly wrong in Miss Katz' class. But being a kid I couldn't formulate it. Now I know. Miss Katz wasn't there. She was an absent teacher. And so was worth zero. Less than zero actually because she hurt the kids in her class by being not there. Mrs. Peterson was totally there, totally with us and passionately wanted us to learn. But since there is no justice in this world Mrs. Peterson and Miss Katz were paid the same.

rhhardin said...

Matt Damon has an acting tic with his mouth that's finally annoying in anything he's in. Acting stressful thinking.

rhhardin said...

Sandra Bullock has a similarly annoying tic with the soft volume response acting a sort of feminine helplessness.

Stuff you eventually notice.

rhhardin said...

I've only seen Debra Messing in Wedding Date, where she is just a generic romcom actress.