Sunday, June 10, 2018

Best pizza in the world

Yesterday pizza was not very good. The thing I love so much was just, eh. I ordered too soon. I based the timing on what happened previously and I had no idea George and Paul would engage the instructor full on, full time so intensely. The gap that existed previously didn't happen this time so the pizza sat on the table for over 20 minutes. I'm guessing maybe even 40 minutes or longer. By the time we got to it, the pizza was no longer even warm. It went limp and damp in the box.

I do better than that on my own. My leftover pizza is better than that. And I learned my final touches from them. George said, "I wanna try making my own pizza dough." And I thought, "What?" He hasn't even tried it yet.

I beg your patience with this video. I think I know what you like and this is not it. I think you'll be somewhat annoyed by the accent, by the thoughts expressed, by the presentation, by the editing, by the conceit. I beg you change your eyeballs for it. I beg try to see this a little bit differently and behind all that is comedy. Weird French comedy.

This video has a high comment to views ratio. 1,235 comments to 202,512 views.

Here are a few comments from people who follow Alex. They do show how they see things and how they think.

*  I'm going to say it Alex. This is the best video you made yet. Not only a fascinating subject, but also truly masterful filmmaking; Top notch editing, music, angles, pace, flow. A+

* Best. Episode. Ever. And the music is just perfect!

* Ok that is on my bucket list now!

* What is pizza? WHY is pizza? Where is pizza? How is pizza? 😂😂

[This comment cracked me up.]

* Great editing, man

* Pepe better get some more tables for when Everyone in the world that reads Alex vlog shows up hungry.

[That's only the beginning of comments. Reading through them is real fun]

The video shows how to re-think the whole thing. You don't have to be stuck in your simple disc pizza world. You don't have to smear the sauce all around. You don't have to slather pizza with cheese. You don't have to be a pig every time. Pizza doesn't have to be round. It doesn't even have to be flat. It doesn't have to have standard ingredients processed in limited ways. You don't have to copy anybody. You don't have to follow a recipe. This video shows the concept of pizza, something on some kind of bread, allows full exploration of your imagination and that's why I like it. Yes, I can do better today than the professional pizza we had yesterday and that's no idle brag.

This is a chef blowing the mind of another chef.

Alex picked his locations very well.

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