Sunday, May 6, 2018


It's some kind of online warehouse marketing thing they put together that looks something like shipping container auctions. They have regular merchandise marked way down. Way down, in most cases. The quality varies while the oddity of everything is reliably extreme. Still, through all the oddball merchandise, mostly European and Asian, you can find some outstanding deals here and there. If you don't mind wading through an ocean of things that nobody wants.

Nobody sensible.

I found the place by nagging advertisement that kept popping up at my favorite S/M site. I meant to say food channel. I don't know why these Freudian slips keep happening all the time. That's right. Food channel. An annoying ad kept appearing and finally I clicked on it and I'm glad that I did.

They have another annoying habit of writing for each item something like "shoes originally $235.00 now $11.00, then when you click on it, only one size that nobody wears is that price and all the other sizes are $27.00. Still a very good deal, but not what made you click. And this holds true throughout the site. Then they add shipping and your tremendous outrageous deal diminishes further.

European and Asian sizes are weird. You really have to check and double check, there, and in another window on another site, to get an idea how fer'ner sizes compare with ours. I bought a whole bunch of stuff. I spent $75.00 while the original price quoted, iffy at best, was over $800.00.  The original costs stated on their site change as the item is repeated by another offering from a different source. The same item can be priced wildly originally. That tells me that a broad range of different places are trying to get rid of the same wierd things.  The offerings say, "1,000 people ordered this." or "10,000," or "50,000," or "2 people ordered this."

I need shoes for the summer because mine are all too hot. We'll see what happens.

If you don't use their search feature you'll be lost, they just keep coming at you. The more specific, the better. Say, try, "men's plaid shirt" rather than "shirt." Or "ladies lace top" rather than "women's clothes."  When I searched "men's shoes" the offers of weird shoes that I'd never wear went on forever. When I changed the search to "men's leather shoes" then the offering looked a lot like Zappos, except 50X less expensive. Their customers write reviews and include photos. The company posts only the happy ones. Only two or three at the most.

I searched "men's boxer briefs" and got pages and pages and pages of the most God-awful things that nobody wears. And I mean nobody. Except pervs. Who even thinks of that stuff? Underwear with the ass crack cut out. They completely defeat the purpose of underwear, while inviting trouble of the worst sort. Underwear with tubular penis pouches. Why? In pink, no less. Nobody buys that crap. I don't think. If you can stand 99% of that, then you might find one thing you can use, and at a very good price.

Check em out, Checkemouters.


ricpic said...

I tried the site. I'm looking for a basic chambray shirt, which believe it or not is not easy to find, at least at a decent price. Found three shirts close to what I'm looking for, one for $23, a pretty good price. You're right that the big gamble you're taking is size, which could be anything from skimpy to blousy. It would help if the manufacturers' descriptions said generous fit or slightly fitted, but they don't.

Chip Ahoy said...

They have a bar chart with each item
too small
just right
too large

And they have two or three customer reviews that might mention fit.
I read things like "tee-shirt fit perfectly but a bit short on the length

Most of the shirts seem to fit Asia models, that is, scrawny.

*whap* That does it! *looks up chambray*

Chip Ahoy said...

Disappointing. I didn't see any great deals for chambray shirt. They all looked like normal prices marked down from outrageous prices to make the deal look better. No real good deals at all.

Included in results is this one, the colors are dark and dreary, cotton/linen. Originally $110.00 (yeah, right) marked down to $8.00.

Then, when you choose your size (L) and your color (wine red) the real price is $16.00.

Lies, lies, all lies.

Men's chambray shirt. Prices are much better on Amazon.

Calvin Klein has good ones. The white ones are least expensive, $25.00. All the other shades of bue are $70.00

I noticed there really is a big difference in shirt manufacturing. Shirts that I bought on 50% sale from upscale department stores for $40-50 are made a lot better than generic shirts. You wouldn't think there is much difference, but all the little things add up, stitching, number of loops holding on buttons, number of buttons, matching up the pattern where panel seams meet, collars, quality of fabric, quality of thread, number of buttons, quality of buttons, length of shirt, every aspect of shirt making added up to a much higher quality shirt.

My dad told me he wears his shirts only about 10 times max and I was all, what? I thought you're supposed to maximize wearing them, like 100 times or 1,000 times. Not use them for rags until they actually become rags.

He goes, nah, they wear out.

I go, they do not. That's what starch is for.

He goes, no, they poop out. They lose their shape, their color, the life goes out of them. Shirts have limited use.

I go, come on. Shirts are lifeless to begin with. You are a profligate shirt waster.

He goes, no, clothing has limited lifespan. Socks, pants, shirts, jackets, everything all have very limited use. You must constantly buy new clothing. New everything. Always. Forever. Similar to food that way, you have to constantly be cycling in new clothing.

How depressing. I've owned shirts literally for decades. Until finally I say goodby to them. Then more years pass and I'll see the pattern of one-time favorite shirt on a dude and I'll go, hey, you're wearing my shirt. Where did you get that, Goodwill? It looks terrible on you. Give it back to me.

I told you about the bartender whose bar was hosting an Angelheart charity event and all the workers were given Angelheart t-shirts, white cotton with a black gothic angel printed on it. I told him I like his t-shirt and wished I could have one too. He tore his shirt off his chest right there and gave it to me across the bar. The place was packed. And smelly. Alcohol permeating the air. Drunks stumbling around over everything, in and out of the bathroom, pissing and vomiting.

Literally gave me the shirt off his back!

I heard of that as an expression, but here he actually did it for me.

He worked out. The shirt looked better on him than it does on me. It was hot, mid summer. He cocked around pouring drinks bare chested showing off his gym-fabulous well-musced chest, shoulders, back and abs. Even so, I can never forget the guy doing that so spontaneously and cheerfully. For little ol' me.

I've treasured that shirt since. And now I realize that was 25 years ago. I rarely wear the shirt, if ever. After mentioning it here I went to look for it and found in the first place I looked, The place where t-shirts are put when they're never actually worn.

I have a long-sleeved heavy cotton t-shirt with a helicopter printed on it that I bought in Maui at the helicopter ride place. Fifteen years after the helicopter ride I wrote my brother telling him I'm wearing that shirt.

He goes, "I'm jealous. Mine wore out a few months after we bought them." He wore his to death. Mine hasn't even been washed yet.