Tuesday, May 1, 2018

New NRA ad

We're at the point now of just throwing rocks at each other. The left will always go after guns and the NRA whom they despise. They say the exact same things time after time and there is no convincing them they're attacking the wrong people. They know what they know, and they feel what they feel. They are listening alright. But not openly.

I saw this on Censored News with a link to the wrong thing on Gateway Pundit. Nothing on Gateway Pundit matches. So I found the ad otherwise.

It's dreadful. 

But maybe you'll like it. The ad is Dana Loesch accusing "they" of using "their" media to assassinate real news, "they" use our schools to teach our students our president is another Hitler. "They" use their [entertainers and award shows] to repeat their message ad nauseam. Then "they" use their ex-president to address the resistance.

She's so lovely. And yet so harsh at the same time. I can see why people don't like this.

Search engines being what they are you'll see more links to opponents of the ad in results than you will see links to the ad.

So I get the pleasure of reading a writer on Huffington Post decrying the ad as a new low for the NRA as if he doesn't know who "they" are when he knows full well "they" are himself and his readers.

And I got to see a video of a father of a school shooting victim on CNN decrying the NRA as a damaging lobby. That again. No mention of his own county officials actuating Obama's policy of keeping minority students off police records, and being quite proud of it.  He's got his focus and he's sticking with it.

You know how people get. There is no talking to them. None. Forget about changing their minds or setting their focus on the right targets. That is not going to happen.

Anecdote alert.

This kind of fits. I met a young man on Sunday. A real go-getter in real estate. He's fat and he has touch of body dysmorphia. He thinks he's 6.1 but he's shorter than I am. What's up with that, anyway? They must think other 6 foot people cannot tell. So there's that misperception right off.

He asked me what I had been doing. I told him reading and writing. About what? About tattoos and Tump rally in lieu of attending White House Correspondents Dinner. He said, "those people are brainwashed."

And I thought, I'm talking to an idiot. Go easy. "Brainwashed."


"Brainwashed." That's where you capture people in places like classrooms and across media and drill the living propaganda into them. That's what he thinks about people who attend Trump rallies.

But not himself.

"Yeah. Trump has ... this way ...  of convincing people of ... weird things. And gets them worked up."

He has it exactly backwards. Trump is reflecting, Trump is actually representing, a new thing for his supporters, Trump is saying what his supporters need him to say, their thoughts, and now he's actually coming through on his rhetoric that the left finds so appalling and so deeply threatening. He is not uniparty. The young man is so wrong, his inversion is further inverted, then inverted again, it's like folding up the ends of the legs of your jeans so they fit, but inwards, not outwards, then the fold refolded and refolded again so your jeans fit but with a huge lump of wrongness clumped over your shoes. That's him. Clumpy fitted jeans of wrongness.

"See, I'm from Wisconsin ... so I know ... what's going on."

Aaah, well, here it is. Being from Wisconsin does automatically make one specially qualified. Best drop the subject. Be off already. Go. Go forth in wrongness. There's no point to even trying to dissuade a brainwashed individual from believing others are not brainwashed as he is. Our conversation must end here. It's actually kind of fun watching people struggle with this. You get the dopiest things. The best he could do was to be incredibly dismissive. Surprisingly shallow. His perception takes him no further than that.  I was glad to see him go. His inflated self regard is too precious to disrupt. Let him think he's actually 6.1 with perception more acute than the brainwashed who inflicted Trump. Because he hasn't seen anything yet. Brainwashing, he knows about that.

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