Saturday, May 5, 2018


At the NRA convention on Friday the God Emperor talked about London and how they have started knife control. Yes there are so many stabbings that they are instituting knife control.

The idiot Muslim Mayor of London is pleading that no one needs a knife. I mean you don't have to cut anything. Open a box. Have a steak. Cut your sandwich in half. Just moronic.

Now of cause the Limeys are losing their shit. The God Emperor has already canceled his trip to England once. The Prime Cooze Theresa May had invited him for a State Visit right after the election. But she took it back due to opposition by this same Muslim Terrorist loving Mayor. I guess she is really Prime Minister May Not. The President has had some back and forth with tweets and what not and they started a petition with millions of signatures telling him to stay away.

Well you know what? I agree. He should stay away from England. Let them know how insignificant they really are. Their contribution to military actions while welcome are negligible. More trouble than they are worth. Now with Brexit they need trade deals with the US more than we need anything with them. The English have gone beyond the bend. They arrest people who defend themselves in their own home. They put people in jail who post jokes on the Internet while doing nothing to Muslim cab drivers who rape children. It is time to show these loud mouth cretins what is what.

What I would do is simple. Just say I am not negotiating a trade deal with you until you get rid of that Mayor and set up a State Dinner just the way you offered.  You offered. I didn't ask for it. Now you drop it because of some Muzzie and bunch of Labor commies. Think again Tommie. See me. Feel me.

I am the fuckin' pinball wizard and I can go to any amusement hall. So bite me until you kiss my orange ass.

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edutcher said...

After knife control comes hammer and screwdriver control.

Which Mexico has.

Notice how much good it does them.