Monday, May 14, 2018

Amanpour: Trump is a grave and existential threat to the press

Existential threat? Perhaps she'd be interested in transcendentalism. That's where the existence of an ideal spiritual reality that transcends provable scientific reality is knowable through personal intuition. Trump IS an existential threat to media as practiced in the United States presently. He's caused them to exercise their own rotten impulses. It's them shooting themselves repeatedly with their own nail guns, and this is them crying, "uncle!" to themselves because they simply cannot stop themselves from self-harm.

It's not just Amanpour saying this. Here they are on CNN whinging about a report citing 90% of their coverage of Trump being negative. What do they do? They collect to criticize Trump for criticizing the reports of their reporting.

Collectively they are exceedingly boring. [Newsbusters] Nobody sensible even watches them anymore except for the people paid to keep track of their flailing and flouncing and descent into darkness.
I have been talking about this ever since the President was elected, even before he was inaugurated, I made a big speech at the Committee to Protect Journalism in November of 2016, warning American journalists that there was now a grave and existential threat to their work.
There's your problem right there, now, correct it.

Enough of them already. And I only read 1/8 of their obnoxious self-congratulating, self-damaging reverberations.

Transcript here, if you care to read through. It's Amanpour and Brian Stella commiserating.

Let's read comments instead. People not paid to speak. People not necessarily Democrat media operatives. They're a lot more perceptive viewing the situation from the outside, as disgusted consumers of Amanpour's and Stella's product.

Ew, the comments are pretty good at News Busters.

I'll summarize in non-English grammar. Kind of like sign language but in English words not signs. Here goes.

[Rabid, boiling within, ripping themselves apart, destroy Donald Trump, lost focus, can’t lie anymore, not convincing, no authority, driven crazy, Democrat agenda, need special counsel, lie then tell whoppers to support lies, threat to themselves, party propaganda, Marxist, new world order, Goebbels proud, same press got Obama elected and kept scandals from public knowing, Obama hugely corrupt and that ruined media, Trump got media to self-destruct, attack Trump continuously, propaganda, incite violence, spew hate nonstop, serious social disease, Trump Derangement Syndrome, hostile, snarky, nasty, no Trump interviews, never had to deal with someone who works around them, Amanpour Christian-basher Muslim sympathizer, fake news, propaganda machine pretending to be patriotic, threat look in mirror, blame themselves, no trust, thinks Constitution protects from criticism, pretends to be journalism, Trump exposes leftist swamp and crony media, plain silly, CNN created by deep state to keep Americans in the dark so yes Trump is a threat, terrorist best friend thinks Trump is a threat, Trump not the threat little people are, everybody’s a despot shut up already.] 

That’s enough. They’re repeating. No sympathy. No support. This goes on for 150+ comments. 

There are similar comments but better quality at Lucianne.

* On the contrary, the press is an existential threat to itself!

* Never met an anti Semite or terrorist she didn´t love and she works for a network staging a 24/7 hatefest. But yeah, Trump is the threat to journalism. 

* I guess Amanpour and CNN solidified the findings of the Media Research Center by devoting another entire program to bashing President Trump. 

* So says the war slut.

* Actually Christiane Amanpour the msm is an existential threat to the American Constitutional Republic as founded! Their collusion with the deep state to overthrow a duly elected President is an existential threat but I doubt your feeble leftist brain can understand that! Now go away and lecture your European weenies on the value of your yellow journalism! 

* When you have to sneak this piece out of your prison cell and get it published under an assumed name, maybe it will have some credibility. Nothing in the Constitution suggests that the Press is to be immune to criticism. 

* They are just furious that VSGPDJT tweets the truth and the accurate percentage of negativity reported by the press that Americans despise and think of as the enemy of the people. 

[Incidentally, know what VSGPDJT stands for? You get PDJT easily enough, President Donald John Trump, but what about VSG? It’s a reference to one of Donald Trump’s tweets responding to being called flighty and unstable. Washington strongly prefers predictability and Trump’s style, a key to his success, is his unpredictability, the constructive destruction he creates, his chaos. He fires a lot of people. That’s very unstable for them. He creates uncertainty for people around him. Here today, gone tomorrow. An idea that’s floated today and causes disruption in The Force is dropped the next day. There is method to this madness that leads to success. More success than failure.  He sees himself as stable. And not just regularly stable, very stable. And he sees himself as smart. Not just regularly smart, very smart. So his supporters tagged him Very Stable Genius. It’s cute.] 

* She is calling balls and strikes .... you are 100% correct ... the press is doomed .... even low information voters are catching on .... good job, keep it up. 

* The truth is a grave and existential threat to the press. 

* For a change there is actually some truth to this. It is true in the same way that police officers are an existential threat to criminals. It may not be a surprise that criminals are not enamoured of the police. Raid is also an existential threat to bugs. Of course the bugs might not think too highly of Raid.

We could also say that the media is an existential threat to the American Constitutional Republic. Trump is the Raid for the cockroach media. It’s a good thing. 

* I wonder if she has any idea of the real meaning of the philosophical term "existential" or "existentialism." Nice-sounding word for a shallow mind to throw around. 

* What would CNN know about journalism? 

* Since Amanpour thinks Trump is a grave threat to the Press, may those words be prophetic. Especially the grave part. I´d happily toss in the first shovel full of dirt to see CNN six feet under. 

Ha ha ha. That was fun. And many more comments at the link that I’m certain you’ll enjoy reading. I must now pray.

God, I love watching these obnoxious destructive people fail so spectacularly. God, thank you. Amen. 


Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Another leftwing media whiner.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

We must let democrat operatives run the media show, unopposed.

deborah said...

I find Amanpour's accent detestable, so I guess I do have my limits.

Lucianne's commenters are genius.

edutcher said...

Another of the globalists (ie, Communists) Ted Turner hired.

Not quite Peter Arnett, but a useless idiot nonetheless.

Amartel said...

So annoying, that accent, and I usually don't mind an accent. She used to hang around Brown and suck up to JFK Jr. and his crew of international BPs. Gawd she was annoying.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Oh but she has all that exotic British accented street cred.

chickelit said...

Amanapour me another one and get back to you all.

deborah said...

Make mine a double.

William said...

There used to be a lot of existential threats to democracy but Sartre's been dead for a long time. Maybe if Trump wore a beret and smoked a Gauloise, he'd be more of an existential threat.

ricpic said...

I can't disagree with a single one of the big print comments.I guess that makes me an anti-establishment conformist. Which would make me the opposite of an antidisestablishmentarian. So be it.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

hahah Chickl.