Monday, April 30, 2018

White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Well past its "use by" date.

YouTube video of the presentation here. Not recommended. You'll get a concentrated version of the form of humor you've already dismissed, second rate low-level political commentary by and for humorly-handicapped people.

More interesting than the video of the dinner on YouTube are the comments to it. Skip down to remarks from people who bothered watching and see for yourself how we get more Trump. Earlier I did see one supportive comment but that was only half-hearted trolling. I also saw the video presented at my favorite British site, and they're all members because they are idiots, and even there it didn't get the intended reaction. Even British who self-identify as idiots found the the thing falling flat. Total fail.

Today the White House Correspondents' Association president said that the dinner is intended to unify participants and viewers around journalists and the importance of the Second Amendment, the gravity of a free press, and she regrets that the whole dinner is  characterized by their host's fifteen minute monologue.


Every word of her statement is debatable. Dismissed.

From what I've seen, the sentiment is universal. 

The website Lucianne is a great aggregator of breaking current events within the political sphere. Today the site is dominated with links about the WHCD, all negative. The site provides a snippet of posts made to other sites. It has its own commentariat that is reliably interesting as the articles. One thing if you choose to click over and read them, the format makes the comments seem to stop by leaving a large gab between them. If you keep scrolling down you'll see there are more comments. 

I like it because you get Lucianne commenters, a sensible lot, and a link to the original article usually with their own commenters. So you have a convenient way to compare perspectives and perceptions. 

The links collected at Lucianne Sunday, April 29, 2018 

For example.

** For that crew, the 1st Amendment is about journalists´ right to tell any lie they want to about Trump, but when Trump, or anyone, tells the truth about the current state of journalism that´s a threat to the the 1st Amendment. 

** Thank you, Michelle Wolf, for making untold thousands, perhaps even millions of Americans acutely, jarringly aware of how cruel, crude, and hateful the political Left has become. Thank you very much. Now, back you go, under your wet rock. 

** Oh, c’mon. You thought you could rally the troops around a unifying theme all right. That theme was “hate President Trump and everyone connected with him, including his daughter and his aides”.

** They hired this"comedian" for one thing and one thing only. Now they are back peddling.

** Fatuous damage control after the fact impresses me not. Hearing how "uncomfortable" the people who applauded the performance now feel is flapdoodle.

** Wasn´t last years speaker less than unifying? I sure remember the guy saying I "nazi" (not see) a litany of Trump admin. folks. Sorry, not buying this fake news either. 

There is a lot more comments. Over to the original article at Washington Examiner to read the whole thing. Bummer, no comment section.

* Michelle Wolf got it just right. Washington Post, Molly Roberts.

** Blue talk from a blue stater. Yeh. Just right.

** I hear Fresno State is hiring. 

** Gee Wally, looks like she´s gonna be competing with Kathy Griffin for some few and far-between gigs... 

** Leftism, where dialectical materialism prevails, usually leads to loss of soul, something that is abundantly on display here.

FTA: Instead of listening — to that or to Wolf’s final line, “Flint still doesn’t have clean water” — we got grumpy on Twitter. Which means Wolf did a better job of defending the First Amendment than those who say that’s our business.

I know, honey. Being dry is difficult in your peculiar swamp. But even serial killers have their charming moments, and only groupies such as yourself fall for the schtick. As Tony Soprano´s mother said, "Poor you." 

** WAPO? Hahaha, POS paper. The comments on this article at WOPO show the shear hatred of these people with TDS. At least that hatred will eat them up and spit them out one day. now that is Karma. 

** I don´t consider myself a prude. In fact, I am pushing 80 and have heard it all but when did national TV sink so low as to permit this sort of foul mouth ´humor´ to be broadcast. And by a female at that. The left thinks it´s cool and have contributed the most to this country´s moral decline. This includes our entertainment industry who can´t seem to make a movie without the ´F word´ being used in every line. It´s also a one way street with them. They want ´Huckleberry Finn banned because the ´N word´ is frequently used. Arguably the greatest American novel and possibly the most anti-racist book every written and these morons want it banned. The left is the vilest, most hypocritical group of people on earth. 

There's a lot more. No point in following the link. It's too predictable and comments at the Post are reliably worthless.

** I admire Sarah Sanders so much. Such intelligence, preparedness, humor, never suffering fools (CNN guy especially) gladly, unflappable.
In politics since she stuffed envelopes for Mike H at age 8, to take this abuse for the Trump team deserves our undying support. 

** It´s not just her kids seeing it, how about their peers ... fortunately her 3 kids look too young right now to suffer any unkind remarks from their peers. 

** White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is CLASSY just as her father, former Republican Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is. Neither of them bent so low as the foul-mouthed alleged comedian at the WHCAD, who shall go name-less. So glad that President Trump held his own rally in MI; they ALL looked like they had a GREAT TIME!! Another FINE DECISION!!

** Although I get frustrated with GOPe and NeverTrumpers, I´m still proud of my party overall. You´d never hear a conservative saying or doing the hateful things coming from liberals.

I´m fully convinced liberals suffer from a mental illness. I pray my none of my grandchildren will ever bring one home.

Having said that...Three cheers for Sarah! 

There is a lot more. Washington Examiner doesn't have comments. The original article has Mike Huckabee Twitter remarks and those are interesting.

** My reply is ´no comment´. Eric will have to explain and defend that one.
Isn´t it remarkable how some people are so rushed to put something on the internet that will hurt someone else. Shame on them. 

** My relatively small fingers have accidentally kit the "like" instead of retreat button. Also, some people use "like" to bookmark a tweet. As usual, mountain out of molehill. 

** Live by the Tweet...die by the Tweet. 

This again.

** Nice try, Margaret, but Michelle Wolf perfectly encapsulated the vulgarity, the bias, and the outright hatred of anything conservative that characterizes the liberal Washington media. And you know it! And you approved her message! 

** It appears the only thing related to the event that anyone is talking about is Michelle Wolf´s 15 minutes. So, I guess those 15 minutes pretty defined the event. 

** OK, but then don’t judge every gun owner the same as criminals. 

** Too late. Much too late. It will get worse. Wait until Limbaugh´s opening monologue tomorrow. 

And much more. It's actually rather funny. Unintentionally funny than the WHCD was intended. The original article at Real Clear Politics has a few more related videos, each their own separate post and comments similar to all the others. 

** Why can't we judge the event by the Wolf speech? YOU wanted her there. If you don't want your event to look like a pig sty, don't invite pigs.

** Margaret knew exactly who she was inviting and well aware of what she would say......she stood by and allowed it.

** Oh, please. This whole event was staged to attack President Trump. Trump decided not to be a punching bag for the leftist media, and didn't attend. Sarah Huckabee Sanders then had to absorb the leftist media's venom. These people then wonder why people do not trust them.

And so on. There's quite a lot more at both places.

I'm tired of c/p comments.

* Stoic Sanders earns respect for not walking out of dinner; even lib reporters were ‘aghast’ at nasty jokes BizPac Review, by Vivek Saxena

I'm tired of reformatting.

* FNC´s Ed Henry: WH Correspondents
Association Should Apologize To Sarah
Sanders Form "Disgusting" Jokes
Real Clear Politics, by Tim Haines

* Reporters Slam White House Correspondents’
Dinner As ‘Embarrassment’ And ‘Gift’ To
Trump Admin
Daily Caller, by Kerry Picket

* ´White House Correspondents´ Dinner was
a very big, boring bust´: President Trump
slams comedian Michelle Wolf and says
she ´really bombed´ after he skipped the*
Daily Mail [UK], by Emily Crane

* Michelle Wolf Mocks Kellyanne Conway,
Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Their Faces at WHCD
Daily Beast, by Matt Wilstein

* Comedian Michelle Wolf´s jokes
fall flat, or offend, at DC dinner
Fox News, by Bradford Betz,, Paulina Dedaj

I'm tired of journalists. 


edutcher said...

The Demos, who make a big point about civility, mostly when they want something, have a history of hiring stand up types who do off color routines about the other sides.

Goes back at least as far as Rah Rah Rabinowitz and her "I got a Bush" routine in '04.

deborah said...

Another canny move by Trump to disengage from a dated, oxymoronic tradition.

ricpic said...

To top it off the WH Correspondent's Dinner is paid for by US. At least that's what I read somewhere, it's paid for by the White House, i.e. us. You know, the whole affair could poke fun at the president but still be fun. It's a matter of who is booked to provide the comedy. Book Louis Anderson and he'd get some digs in at Trump but without the viciousness. Yes, Louis is still alive.

Amartel said...

Another media circle jerk, now with really bad comedy and a gnawing sense of dread. There was objectively nothing funny about any of that. It was kind of sad, actually. Not that I was in tears or anything but it's like everyone suddenly realized there was no reason whatsoever to fear the mean girls and cool boys at school. That actually happened at my high school. There was no one thing that happened it's just one day nobody gave a shit about them anymore. Eventually even the teachers noticed. Ha!

I think we can call time on this one, as far as relevant cultural events are concerned though I'm sure the White House Steno Pool Party will continue for a few more years.

William said...

I had never heard of Michelle Wolf. Now I have, so the appearance wasn't a net loss for her. She's got a show coming out on Neflix. A lot of people will tune in, if only out of curiousity. She'll have her moment, but I don't see how she'll be able to build on it. She's just not very funny.