Friday, April 27, 2018

President Trump and Chancellor Merkle have Press Conference.

"Ok I will take questions. Fine...find what the fuck do you want Acosta?"
"Mr. President is it true that Special Counsel Mueller has direct evidence of you colluding with Aliens from Area 51. It seems it was revealed that there is dossier that proves that you got  a Cleveland Steamer from one of those green whores from Alpha Centuri."
"Jeez you are a fuckin' idiot. I will leave you to Frau Merkle."
"What worries me Jimmie is how your poor mother is going to take this."
"Waaaa you can't tell my mother."
"Orderlies. Please come in take care of this."
"Thank's Frau Merkle."
"No problem Mr. President. He is obviously as crazy as a shithouse rat."

1 comment:

edutcher said...

Somebody's on a roll.

Funny how resurrection will do that.