Saturday, April 28, 2018

knives on sale 30% off

Actually 33%. They're inexpensive to begin with. From $30.00 to $20.00.

Commenters are all derogatory at Daily Caller where I saw these knives advertised. They're certain any knife this inexpensive is too flawed to bother. They have a whole list of possible flaws. Best to pop for better blades. But I bought two similar inexpensive knives and they've both moved directly to the top of my favorite knives. And I have expensive knives already. I don't need any more knifes. My knife drawer is filled. It's maxed out. Another knife and I won't be able to open the drawer. And since I like mine so much I've bought them as gifts and I've seen the expressions of surprise and delight each time. Knives make very good gifts. Especially when they come in these sweet presentation boxes like this.

I'm surprised how many people do not have good knives for cooking. I asked them and a lot of people are getting by with rudimentary dull knifes. I'm not worried these inexpensive ones will not last because I'm giving them to people who until now haven't appreciated the glory of sharp cutlery. These could be the beginning of their own improved collection, once they have one in hand and use it. If these go south, they'll have a new appreciation. You got to start somewhere. Because of their own situations, these knives would be good for anyone that I know, young or old, male or female, interested in cooking or not, student or retiree, office worker, clerk, hairdresser, travel agent, truck driver, business owner, pilot, lawyer, retiree, anyone.

This time I bought two sets and I know who I'll give them to directly. I already gave a knife to one woman. A Japanese knife, one that I bought for myself and three other people. Then I found out that Japanese knives are beveled on only one side. I don't know why they do that. It causes the knife to curve inward on the down slice. Perfect for cutting the peel from oranges, but not so good with everything else. It's puzzling. The woman freaked out when I gave her the box and she saw it is a knife and that the gift connected with a previous conversation about her not having sharp knives. She was genuinely moved by being given a random present like this. Some people don't get many gifts. I'm finding out. So since that first knife has that odd characteristic, I want to expand her collection, just to get her started. The other one is so that a second woman she works with closely doesn't get jealous.

These little gestures go a long way. 

I think the knives are better than a money gift. In each case. 

I'm thinking a student might rather have cash. 

But that would be a twenty dollar bill compared with thirty dollars of merchandise. 

Say, you're all set with your knife situation and so is everyone else that you know. They still make a great gift. I don't know how long this code is good for. If you chose to buy a few knives for someone, use YUGY7O4S at checkout for the discount. 

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rhhardin said...

Mr. Right has a nice throwing knife scene. Metaphorically they're words.