Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Fifty former Obama foreign policy experts form think-tank to united against Trump

The party known as Sundance writing at the Last Refuge said, "failed" Obama administration and put experts in quotations. Then wrote:
From the insufferable Iran deal… to the appeasement “Russian Reset”… to the Libya fiasco… to the rise of ISIS… to installing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt… to the explosion of terrorism in Yemen… to civil war in Syria… to the crisis in Ukraine… to the 2010 State Department apology tour (WikiLeaks cables scandal)… to their inability to stop North Korean nuclear ambitions and the rise of China as an influential power… there were/are zero foreign policy successes in eight years of the Obama administration.
Wow. Well, when you put it like that it sounds bad.

The list of people is everyone we've come to know so well by their duplicitousness, their cynicism, and by their warping of government offices for party advantage, and by their failures. They're forming a veritable opposition shadow government. No doubt financed by their wealthy crackpots unwilling to accept the results of the last election. Waging a not-so-secret civil war.

Apu from the Simpsons voice: We told them to go away and they are not going away.

Sundance continues by contrasting Trump accomplishments in  just fourteen months and against steadfast opposition from all directions.
These Obama Officials are opposing the same President Trump who: 
•put the plan in place to destroy ISIS and carried it out in the first year;
•initiated massive change in the mid-east which saw Arab countries confronting extremism (including Qatari funding of the Muslim Brotherhood);
•expanded international energy partnerships to remove the influence of Russia;
•confronted China’s expansive economic agenda and halted it;
•smartly used economic influence to bring North Korea to the point of accepting ‘denuclearization’; and
•leveraged Pakistan to influence the Taliban to the negotiation table in Afghanistan… 
While simultaneously dealing with three U.S. land-falling hurricanes and numerous national disasters and downsizing the U.S. State Department by 30%.
I thought that is excellent. Such a synopsis.

Sundance mentions the hurricanes that would include the Houston flood and the Puerto Rican disaster, but what are the national disasters they mentioned without enumerating?

I can only think of these:

* California drought and fires.
* Las Vegas hotel shooting
* Florida school shooting.
* Republican representatives being shot up playing baseball.
* Train wrecks with Republican representatives riding.
* Navy ships crashing

What else would they be? What happened during Trump's first 14 months? Tornados. Earthquakes, floods, pileups, hazardous materials, plane crashes. What were the other national disasters that Trump handled while pulling off all these other America First programs?


Amartel said...

The big knock on Trump is that he's not "Presidential." Too chaotic, too vulgar, too insulting, too tweety. Too honest and transparent. Not like those dignified stuffed shirts who spent hours lying to us and required hours of interpretation on cable news by "experts." That's one of the things that pisses off the establishment, left and right; that their expertise and dignity are being mocked and exposed as fraudulent. And the media double-talk is not really necessary. Like this stink tank of posers who accomplished nothing but failure upon failure upon failure. Like their boss, the one and only thing they're good at is posing with as dignified experts. "I'm not really a credible or erudite diplomat but I play one on TV ...."

edutcher said...

Zippy wants to get back in the spotlight, but he can't seem to stop his endless vacation.

As for his experts, note that it took 8 years to screw up everything, but it's taken Trump a year to undo a lot of it.

Who's the real expert?

chickelit said...

Mike’s readymade cabinet. All she has to do is run.

edutcher said...

And now Tillerson will join them.

Amartel said...

Think of all the carbon emissions that a group of fifty former Obama foreign policy advisers will generate!

ricpic said...

What I want to know - speaking of The Establishment - is how does a box of rocks like John Kerry get to the top of the heap?!

Amartel said...

He looks the part. It's all about posing.

Methadras said...

ricpic said...
What I want to know - speaking of The Establishment - is how does a box of rocks like John Kerry get to the top of the heap?!

Among the rocks, Kerry is a turd that floats.