Saturday, September 23, 2017

Jacob Laukaitis compares North and South Korea

There is nothing in this video that you don't already know very well. You could have written this video yourselves without any research, right off the top of your heads. The thing that is new is a new generation of young people discovering what you've known from the beginning.

How do I know that Jacob Laukaitis is Lithuanian? He answers common questions on his YouTube profile page.

By Wikipedia:
In the midst of the Second World War, Lithuania was first occupied by the Soviet Union and then by Nazi Germany. As World War II neared its end and the Germans retreated, the Soviet Union reoccupied Lithuania. On 11 March 1990, a year before the formal dissolution of the Soviet Union, Lithuania became the first Soviet republic to declare itself independent, resulting in the restoration of an independent State of Lithuania.
1990-1944= 46 years of Soviet domination.

Jacob is 23 years old.

2017-23=1994 Jacob was born into Lithuanian independence. Has not experienced straight up Soviet domination.

It's fun. I found the content a little teensy bit boring while the rest compensates with fun. I like seeing Jacob having so much fun. I like seeing him smile. He's having his own strange adventure. He reminds me very much of a one-time friend named Frank whose last name Seibert must be kept secret. Still alive, still nearby, but we no long speak due to Frank's obnoxious politicalization of everything along common media and Democrat lines. Truly obnoxious. I've never had anyone tell me who I must despise in order to comport with civilized people while their information is derived from the worst and most obnoxious of all Soros funded sites, He knows better than to confront me with that material. Frank made himself into the perfect little Soros soldier so that even a haircut is incomplete until the customer is envenomated by a political asp. He closed the subject. Then kept persisting. He decided to make me a project of indoctrination. The only way remaining to shut him off was shut him out completely, he was that obnoxious. I was fond of Frank until then, so it was a great loss. They're both rather short legged. And Jacob's nose is wider. Other than that, they're alike and that's what kept me watching as Jacob discovered things we already know. His realizations so shocking.


But it's not just Jacob being surprised, it's all the followers of Jacob's channel. All his viewers are similarly shocked and dismayed. They're all young. This is all new to them. They're discovering all this on their own. And that is simply beautiful. By sharp contrasts they're led to appreciate the great political system that they've inherited. 95% of the comments to this video consider it excellent and new and mind blowing. They're all young.

But one thing sticks out more brilliantly than others in comments.

* Those kids singing for Kim Jong Un made me so sad :(

* Tears came to me when I saw those northkorean children performing

* The Children singing about Kim Jong un made me sad

* I feel bad for those brainwashed kids in north Korea.

* 9.32. Those faces are sooo clueless... (children singing)

* Those children ):
They look so confused and lost, having to be forced to perform to strangers singing and dancing not even understanding that they're being completely brainwashed by that sick fuck that they call a leader.

* The kids singing in north korea... their face was so sad :(

Really? Then you'll be dismayed when you see the same thing here in the United States. You'll recognize propaganda as it's delivered.

The comments go on forever, apparently. I got tired of reading them. They all say the same things over and over and over and over, they become quite wearisome. He looks like like Matt Damon, He he looks like PewDiePie. The game is called kickball. But the most ridiculous of all are the few gratuitous vapid anti-American comments, so common, so trite, so thoughtless, just axiom, and from slogging European socialist countries, that Americans are stupid, stupidly assuming wrongly that Jacob is American, thus revealing their own dumb lazy displaced socialist arrogance. They see a video that strikes them as silly for whatever reason, too much smiling perhaps, their engrained prejudice is that Americans are stupid, by their socialist media drilling, video matches their prejudice therefore the uploader must be American. Must be. There is no other possibility by their dimmed lights. And they're too thick to know what they're hearing is no way an American accent. While they do know for certainty that all Americans are stupid. So they're free to display their own bottom lingering stupidity. And if they were to be challenged, but nobody does, they'd maintain, well, it's axiomatic, Americans are the most stupid people on earth, and their being wrong specifically here doesn't change the generality. Even though they're too stupid to check the guy's nationality before commenting. That's how strong their own ridiculous prejudice. And that's why engaging them, any European really, on anything whatsoever political is pure waste of time better spent picking your nose because you'd be arguing with a malevolently poorly programmed very stupid socialist robot. 

All those comments about children being programmed, how sad all that is, without mentioning or even recognizing our own political party doing precisely the same thing through public schools. 

I searched [schoolchildren singing obama] while a new one arose involving Hillary's book, and there are far more results than I was aware of. One site lists six videos of elementary school children singing paeans to Obama. They're all terrible. Some are re-worded religious songs, "Jesus Loves Me." 

Incidentally, speaking of that song.  Okay, now I'm off the subject of North/South Korea for a minute.

I got into trouble at five years of age for questioning that song. I recall the scene distinctly because it was big for me at the time. The cold harsh uninviting cement walled basement of a scary looking Presbyterian church in Coplay Pennsylvania where they stuck us little kids for babysitting to get rid of us while the adults attended regular services. Or maybe they were just partying. I knew I was left abandoned for indoctrination and I didn't like it one single bit. I didn't like being separated from my brother who was put with another age group. We were singing this song. When we finished I asked.
"How do you know Jesus loves us?"
"Because, the song says, the Bible tells you so."
"That's just a song."
"It says, the Bible tells you so."

This was not convincing. The woman charged across the floor to my little chair and loomed over me menacingly. I was terrified. It looked to me like an attack. Adults are irrational. They hit wildly unpredictably. I recall her purple floral print dress swirling in the aggression. I nearly pissed my pants. But I just couldn't be expected to go along with this song. It was worse than Frère Jacques and all the dormez-vous-ing, worse than all that plumaraing le alouette. Worse than the weird songs from other places. Adorable. But ridiculous. Adorable. I got that. I could do that. It's how I got my way all the time. But ridiculous.
I was already told not to believe everything that I read. I didn't even read anything, and that came as a surprise because I was willing to trust anything. And now contrarily this woman is telling me I must believe something that I can't even read because it is written. I don't know anything. My mind is empty of facts and I'm trying to fill it, but this doesn't match. And that's why I'm asking. How do you know what to believe. I don't even know what belief means. I'm trying to understand this strange idea, so I'm asking. That's all.  To believe something you cannot see or even know for sure. How does that even work?

"So! So! The Bible was written by God!"

How dare I disbelieve the word of God, or a children's song that purports to derive from His word, or a minder I only just met insisting the song is truth. Who is this woman trying to fool? God didn't write a book.
"People wrote the book."
She snapped, "God inspired people to write it. The Bible is inspired writing. Inspired by God Himself directly! God filled the peoples' hearts and they wrote the books."
"All books come that way."
I didn't even know what inspired means. While I still thought even coloring books seemed untouchably inspired. But this woman was trying to tell me that the Bible is different, unique from all other books ever written in history, and five year old children know better than that. Eventually I would grow up and be able to read the Bible myself. Multiple times, as literature. As the best collection of ancient literature available. Back then the woman actually reported to my parents that I'm a non-believing problem, that I'm a disruption for her whole kindergarten babysitting thing they were doing. But I wasn't. I was just sincerely trying to get a handle on the very strange idea of belief. And I never did get a satisfactory straight answer from anyone. Not once.

She delivered a serious smackdown to my incipient spiritual journey. All over a question about a children's song.

And it's fine to go all John 20:29 on my butt. I'm familiar now with the beatitudes, "Because you have seen me you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet still believe."

Yes, bless their pointed little heads for believing their kindergarten church minder and their charming children's song and the inspired books that they read, but I can't.  I'm just not blessed that way. If this is the best you've got you're going to have to try a lot harder at this whole indoctrinating thing. The dissatisfaction of that early incident put me off religious indoctrination for the following decades. After that I really was an agnostic little shit, from five years old onwards well past my twenties. She should have done better than repeat the refrain, "because the Bible tells us so."

So much smarter to say, "I don't know" about the things you don't know. Don't you think? That was my attitude.

North Korea contrasted so sharply with South Korea is its own object lesson for all to see plainly and they don't need us poking our noses into their bizwax. At this late historic point the conflict between us is contrived. Except for the part about North Korea being menace to the whole world, and U.S. being presumptive world leader.

But all that is harsh and it puts us in a personally negative space where we don't need to abide. It causes our atoms and molecules, our organelles and our cells, our internal organs to form rigid patterns that over time become destructive for our souls to inhabit. Like a white board it must be erased but not forgotten and written over with something more pleasant, more enduring and good. To avoid the early fate of my Japanese birthday fake twin Takashi Amano here is something better than all that, along similar lines.

Searching YouTube for Jacob Laukaitis' video a lot of other similar North / South Korea videos display for selection. Any one of them will say similar things. The Korean people are compared, war readiness is compared, soldiers are compared, sports, 10 differences between them, weaponry, surprising things that North doesn't know about South, differences in language, statistics, and cold noodles.

Cold noodles? Now that's interesting. Another bright happy dude with another broad nose.

Wow, that's amazing. When this guy smiles all his teeth show at once. He's got like every single tooth that he was born with. No cavities. None pulled out. All lined up, and his mouth can open wide enough to show all of them at once. It's amazing. If I used my fingers to open my mouth wide as possible I still couldn't open wide as this guy does automatically unassisted. Let's count them.

That's awesome! I bet this guy can really chew.

The buckwheat-tasting noodles are actually made from flour of various starches including buckwheat, but also potatoes, sweet potatoes, arrowroot and kudzu. Buckwheat is not related to wheat, rather, the plant is related to sorrels. It was used to put nitrogen into soils. Less so today.

The large N. Korean dumplings are called Mandu and they contain the usual dumpling ingredients beef, pork, dark soy sauce, ginger, garlic, kimchi, bean sprouts, tofu, chives. Here's a recipe from International Cuisine.

The trick for making the dough is add baking soda. This changes the pH making the dough more elastic. It's how Chinese make outrageously long noodles that they keep stretching and dividing exponentially so that within a few folds they go from one fat noodle to a few hundred thin noodles.


edutcher said...

You want to cry over kids being made to sing the praises of a dictator?

There's some old newsreel footage of a classroom of German kids singing about how Der Fuhrer is God with a battleaxe of a teacher beating out time with one of those old wooden pointers with a look on her puss that would have even chilled Stalin's blood (I can't imagine what she did for fun when she went home, but I'll bet it included wearing nothing but black thighboots and a black leather trench coat down in the basement with a whip).

ricpic said...

Could we not go overboard in praise of little Lithuania? Lithuanians made the most, uh...enthusiastic prison guards in the German concentration camps. Along with the Ukrainians. This was after those two provinces of the Soviet Union had been "liberated" by the Germans. And no, I'm not condemning Jacob or any of his contemporary Lithuanians. That would be as primitive as the Left's condemnation by identity. Let's just say the picture is complicated and leave it at that.

Chip Ahoy said...


Fine with me. I didn't even know where Lithuania is. I had to look it up.

MamaM said...

I didn't even know where Lithuania is.

NNE of Timbuktu. 7043 kilometers by car.

Another world, and yet the same in millions of ways that are surprisingly unique but similar.

That said, it wasn't the story of the Lithuanian, but the Sunday School Teacher that caught my attention.

During the first half of my life, I was involved in an international, interdenominational Bible study program that required the adults who were caring for and teaching children under five, to hold out their Bible before beginning a story from it and tell the children that "every word in the Bible is true".

To hear of ChipA's inner resistance, ability to think for himself and find a way to live and connect in ways that move beyond parroting, is heartening and eases some of guilt I feel over my willing participation in that program and approach. Were the children engaged, cared for, and related to with a heart of love during the time I spent with them, in addition to receiving that line? Yes. With that awareness, I fall back on the grace and truth of this line: With God a little sincerity goes a long way" along with the more recent wisdom of knowing a story well told contains its own power.

Sixty Grit said...

I used to work with a Lithuanian - we called him our token Lithuanian. Seemed like a nice enough fellow, good tech, never held us hostage, was a good softball player, but he was from Filthadelphia and was a big fan of their sports teams, ergo, not really the kind of person that normals would associate with.

rcommal said...