Sunday, July 2, 2017

Trump's a pig

From Drudge. I did not follow the link.  I have no interest whatsoever in Maureen Dowd's political opinion. 

The link is seen on Drudge, moved down from the top to the center column. 


Supposedly going to NYT. I don't know. And Drudge frames things click-baity. Maybe somebody who's not me will read it and appreciate what she has to say. We do appreciate her beautifully crafted sentences and her thoughtfully well constructed paragraphs to burnished essay. She is a very good writer.

Maureen Dowd must know what happens when you pick a fight with a pig. 

But I kept thinking all day, my what delicate lady hands. They really are small and precious. No match for Trump's brutish mitts, gigantic in comparison. In front of her face and foreshortened, no matter the camera and no matter the lens, the hands will be larger than the face.These darling precious expressive hands will be of no use to Maureen Dowd in a sloppy fight with a pig. 

I got it, though. Her coworkers were protesting against their company's employee number being cut by half. She is not talking to us anyway. This is Maureen Dowd's way of showing her worth to her employer, and has nothing to do with us.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I think Maureen really wants to grapple with Trump.

edutcher said...

He probably passed her over and now's the time to get even.

chickelit said...

Down is a DC insider at heart. She started her career writing for "Chemical & Engineering News", the flagship publication of the American Chemical Society. I believe she grew up and was schooled in DC. Sort of like Carl Bernstein.

chickelit said...

Mika is Dowd's ilk. That's why the claws are out.

Lem said...

The claws... nice catch.

Rene Saunce said...

She has been much better over the last few years. She hates Hillary and her Denver-pot story is one of my favorites.
Of course she's a progressive liberal.

I really do not care if these people want to criticize Trump. Of course progs are going to go after Trump - esp if Trump gives them ammunition. Trump should have thicker skin, and his fans should too. Trump should fight back with more smarts and less weirdness.

ndspinelli said...

Another journalist victim of John Barleycorn. The only profession w/ more victims are attorneys.

Rene Saunce said...

Trump will probably say "She's bleeding!" or something.

oooo good one Trump./

The best thing for the GOP and Trump is for the crazy left to attempt to impeach Trump or throw him out on a technicality.

do it, assholes. I dare you.

Rene Saunce said...

Maureen is an op-ed writer. She's not really a news journalist.

Op-ed writers offer their opinions. This is something we should encourage, even when it cuts against our dear leader.

Journalists, the press, the news media- they are all mostly pro-democrat hacks, and should be mocked, ridiculed and told to fuck off and die on a daily basis.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Looking at the photo I thought it was Arianna Huffington.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Maureen looks better than Arianna. Maureen is probably 10 years older than Arianna too.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Actually, I am wrong. Arianna is older than Dowd.

Amartel said...

Evil Queen Maureen:
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?

Magic Mirror:
My Queen, you are the fairest here* so true.
But Orangebama is a thousand times more fair than you

Malignant Maureen:
[screaming] I'll fix his wagon with some anonymously sourced rumors! hahaha HA! [cackling] The poison apple strategy! [drooling, thinking about lunch] Works every time with the dopes who read this paper. [panting] I am the queen and nobody questions my authoritay! [now just making shit up]

*at the NYT

Methadras said...

How many facelifts has Dowd had that left her bleeding I wonder?