Thursday, July 13, 2017

We're Going To Be Friends by White Stripe, translated by D-PAN

The little girl in the video told us to share this video with everyone that we know, so here it is. 

Man, is she ever good. Surprisingly good.

The video has a million and a half views on YouTube with twelve hundred comments, and that is unusual for this type of thing. 

I've been watching these D-PAN videos and the kids of all ages are having so much fun together, they appear so happy, that it makes me want to go there and have fun too. 

It's interesting, I think, to see their separate styles so early. Their handwritings are each unique. The song repeats enough to see the same expression performed different ways. 

"Friends" is both index fingers hooked." They needn't be so broad about it, but they are, for emphasis. 

"School" is one hand clapping on top of the other as a schoolmarm calling kids in from recess or sharply telling them to settle down.

"Learn" is a hand held flat palm upward with the other hand pulling up knowledge from a page into the head. While some of the kids don't pull all the way up. As if the knowledge doesn't quite make it all the way to the head.

"I know you me will friends." They're not speaking English. They're showing the same ideas. And doing that exceedingly clearly. It would be ridiculous and backward to sign "I. know. we. are. going. to. be. friends."

See how they sign "Without a sound." There is no "without" nor is there a "with" or an "out,"and there is no "a" while the concept is conveyed beautifully. They show it with both hands, ear related, "feel," the sense middle finger sign that's used a million ways, this time sensing at both ears and moving forward to "zip" or to "zero." 

I love the way the boy on the bus says, "through the park and by the trees." He spells "park" and he shows "passing through the trees" so graphically that it's clear as a bell. In fact, the phrase "ring the bell" is clear as a bell.

"We don't notice anything" is "attention" the sign is based on horse blinders, then "flying past attention."

"She likes the way you sing," the boy actually signs "the way you sign."

All that up there ↑ is what you call "gloss." It means a written description of the signs used to express ideas.

You'll see.

Best with annotations turned off.

I love these kids.

Video, Meet the D-PAN Team, (Deaf Professional Arts Network) where deaf and hard of hearing and CODA, children of deaf adult, tell us what they're up to and they all seem so lovely.

In another D-PAN video you must notice the woman named Azora, a CODA, from the wonderfully impressive video, "Somebody That I Used To Know" and she's having a great time (she's a hot dancer too) along with another adult and children at a campground bouncing around to the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. And it looks like they're all having a genuine blast

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bagoh20 said...

A very well done video. Just perfect, from Jack White's song to all those great kids, each strangely compelling in their own way.