Saturday, July 8, 2017

George Clooney is reportedly moving back to Trump USA.

Via Twitter: A source told the site that George had received threats in the past, whilst he was concerned that his wife's work as an international human rights lawyer could make her a target.

'He doesn’t feel like Amal and the twins are safe living in the English countryside,' the insider explained. 'As soon as Amal found out she was pregnant, he hired former Secret Service agents to assess all his properties and make recommendations for improvement.'

They claimed the star's mansion in Studio City, California was the most secure, as they added: 'He’s waited so long for this family, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe.'

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chickelit said...

Wise move.

Say, why haven't a litany of Hollywood stars actually moved to Canada yet?

ampersand said...

Who's he afraid of, the inlaws?

edutcher said...

Why's he coming here?

All the furriners are being driv out by that Eeeevvviilll Trump.

Lem said...

Safety Trumps politics.

AllenS said...

Well, at least he might, might be able to purchase a gun here to protect his family. Plus, he has a President who will have his back, if he doesn't act up with Lib bullshit. Who cares?

ndspinelli said...

His wife better have papers.