Saturday, July 8, 2017

"British man, 21, makes history..."

" giving birth to baby girl thanks to sperm donor he found on Facebook"

He has been living legally as a man for more than three years and taking male ­hormones, giving him facial hair and a deep voice.

The cost of gender reassignment is £29,000 per patient, including support and surgery.

But Hayden was also desperate to have a baby.

Before completing his transition he asked the NHS to freeze his eggs in a £4,000 process in the hope he might have children years later.

But health chiefs refused.

(More at the link including pics)


Some Seppo said...

A rose by any other name...

Paraphrasing Austin Powers, that's not a man, baby!

Frankie Valli would be rolling in his grave if he was dead.

Some Seppo said...

edutcher said...

There's only 2 genders, 2 sexes.

And, forget not nice, you can't fool Mother Nature.

Mumpsimus said...

From the article:

"In 2014/15 the total cost [of gender transition procedures] to the NHS in England was £17.1million. The budget was increased to £22.7million for the following year."

I wonder what Charlie Gard's parents think about this.

Leland said...

Nature didn't get the memo regarding the gender change. Outrage about nature being sexists in 3,2,1, never.

chickelit said...

Mumpsimus said...I wonder what Charlie Gard's parents think about this.

Europe is led by the childless. That explains two things: first, the EU's fucked-up priorities regarding procreation and 2nd, the EU's confusion by the Trump family in their midst.

And just now Europe is caterwauling over the death of gay acrobat who died doing what he loved.

rhhardin said...

Men taking over women's sports again.