Friday, June 9, 2017

Vicente Fox

Trump's enemies believe he's too crass to be president of United States. Too coarse to even talk to. That he won by dispensing with political correctness and his speaking coarsely in private provokes them to out-Trump him by turning their own coarseness up to 11.

They're free!

 Vicente Fox gives Americans a video that can not be played with children around.

Saw this on a British satire site. They think it's funny.

Disclosure: I watched only half of this. He sounds ridiculous.


edutcher said...

Trump beat the Lefties at their own game and they can't stand it.

It's a manual for up-and-coming Conservative politicians.

Kind of like the Duke's tagline in "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" IYKWIMAITYD.

Dad Bones said...

Bet he wishes he was still president so he'd have to be taken more seriously. He and Obama seem to suffer from an ex-president malady.

Amartel said...

Another example of weak comedy that only gets attention because it promotes lefty narratives. SAD!

bagoh20 said...

The chances of it both being built and being effective are near zero, at least in the way people imagine. It will be enhanced and modernized to better effect and cost than actually building "a wall". They will create a barrier with technology and tactics that will actually work. Illegal immigration is already slowing dramatically. It would stop completely if we put away the carrots, and made it clear that they were not welcome. The problem with illegal is not that they can get in, but that it's irresistibly beneficial to do so. Even banks with security and vaults get robbed, but how many would if there was no money to get. Current policy is like a bank that announces that if you rob them, you get to keep the money and live in the bank.

Trooper York said...

Building the wall is a covenant between President Trump and his voters. The expense and even the effectiveness is immaterial. It is a symbol. He needs to follow through on his promise. If he does than everything else doesn't matter.

The so called conservatives are getting their judges. The fucking neocons are getting their bombing and military adventurism. The GOPe is getting their tax cuts.

He needs to build the wall no matter what. If he expects to get re-elected.

You dance with the ones that brung ya!

bagoh20 said...

"The expense and even the effectiveness is immaterial. It is a symbol."

I thought Obama left office. Oh well, orange is the new black.

bagoh20 said...

Trump may have won, but so far the Dems and lunatic media have the remote. It's bullshit 24/7. Winning at that crap doesn't move the ball an inch. They can keep flipping the channel to the next crap fest for four years. Where is my tax cut, where is my Obamacare repeal, where is my defeated ISIS. Oh great, I get a useless expensive wall. Oh wait, no I didn't.

Put down the twitter and twist some puny little DC arms, big guy.

ampersand said...

Is El Fox an illegal alien. Does he still reside outside San Diego? Throw him out.

Don't really need a wall, If anyone was serious about this they would hit the employers.
Restaurants,hotels,contractors, lawn care. Large penalties, possible jail time would really dry this up.

Also HB1 abuse needs to be cleaned up. Start by equal pay and benefits, No excuses.
This will never get done as long as congress, particularly Republicans get their checks and marching orders from the Chamberpot of Commerce.