Sunday, May 7, 2017


Brussels killed the Singing Nun. Sure, it was the "Belgian" government which demanded all that money, but as we know, the "Belgian" Government smoothly morphed into the EU. Read her tragic story here.


Chip Ahoy said...

I love this whole album. I sang this whole album since I was a kid living at home. A girlfriend lent me the album (how generous!) and it came with libretto so I learned all the words.

Then one day d-e-c-a-d-e-s- later a woman at work mentioned liking the Singing Nun.

"Sœur Sourire?"

Just dare to get a little fame for yourself even without really trying for that, even when it occurs by natural interest, and see who and how many come crawling out of the woodwork to wipe that happy smile off your face.

I love it when people like what I like so I sang her a happy little tune from that album, Plume de Radis.

*squeaky voice* "Geeze, Chip, now I'm curious, what does that sound like?"

Goes like this:

Plume de Radis, Plume de Radis, dis
Ma petite amie
Tu te souviens du soir de juin
Sous le grand pin
Tu m'avais dit
Je veux faire de ma vie
Quelque chose de bien

Repeat repeaty peat.
Re-peat re-peat-ty peat.

And that means,

Radish Feather (Carrot Top) my little friend, I remember one happy night under a big ol' pine tree you said to me you want to make something good of your life.


Oooooh. Now I want to sing it all night and relive those precious teen memories. Oh man, talk about an ear-bug.


I forgot about all the teenage angst.

edutcher said...

Sounds like another who disliked Vatican II.


chickelit said...

Well ed, I was betting on there having been at least one hot nun in your schoolboy past.