Saturday, May 6, 2017

"FBI report finds officers ‘de-policing’ as anti-cop hostility becomes ‘new norm’"

Via InstapunditAn unclassified FBI study on last year’s cop-killing spree found officers are “de-policing” amid concerns that anti-police defiance fueled in part by movements like Black Lives Matter has become the “new norm.”

“Departments — and individual officers — have increasingly made the decision to stop engaging in proactive policing,” said the report by the FBI Office of Partner Engagement obtained by The Washington Times.

The report, “Assailant Study — Mindsets and Behaviors,” said that the social-justice movement sparked by the 2014 death of 18-year-old Michael Brown at the hands of an officer in Ferguson, Missouri, “made it socially acceptable to challenge and discredit the actions of law enforcement.”

FBI spokesman Matthew Bertron said the study was written in April.

“Nearly every police official interviewed agreed that for the first time, law enforcement not only felt that their national political leaders [publicly] stood against them, but also that the politicians’ words and actions signified that disrespect to law enforcement was acceptable in the aftermath of the Brown shooting,” the study said.

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chickelit said...

Absent a working police force, vigilantism is the fallback position. That should be entertaining in the age of smart phones.

edutcher said...

Committees of Vigilance were organized because the duly constituted law couldn't or wouldn't protect the populace.

This is essentially why Saint Skittles bought the farm.

PS One of The Blonde's favorite nephews is graduating from the local police academy and she thinks he'd be better off joining DHS rather than being a beat cop or working in the local hoosegow.

Trooper York said...

Cellphones won't matter in the age of vigilantes as they will confiscate the phones of any "innocent bystanders."

Trooper York said...

In New York the cops have an abbreviation. NVN. They don't sweat it.

I am sure they do the same in Chicago. Detroit. Baltimore

The Police Department in Baltimore can not hire anyone. Soon they will have to hire criminals to be the police. Or at least hire guys with a record as they will be the only ones who wiil apply.

Nobody wants to risk their lives only to be attacked and destroyed by the social justice warriors.

They have reaped what they have sowed.

Leland said...

Punish something, and you'll get less of it.

Baltimore hasn't seen its worse days yet. Right now, anybody that might even look foreign has free reign to commit crimes. You can bet it won't be long until the race fights between blacks and latinos heats up. And the only ones to blame are the voters that put in their city government.

Leland said...

"Saint Skittles", you mean the posthumous degreed pilot? Then again, he would fit right in with American, United, or Delta these days.