Tuesday, April 4, 2017

corn pancakes

This is one tin of corn and one small tin of hot jalapeño peppers.

With the usual things added to make it a pancake.

Mum made them with creamed corn. Hers were thin and lacy. Flour is added in increments do desired thickness. A small amount of corn meal and formed a little more stiffly for hushpuppies they can be deep fried. 

These are a lot better than I imagined. I made them a little bit too sweet.


Lem said...

They looked delicious.

ndspinelli said...

I would love them. I love cornbread as well.

AJ Lynch said...

I used to love creamed corn. My mother served it often as our side veggie. I still but it once in a while.

And she made the greatest potato pancakes - have not ever had any as good.

ricpic said...

Growing up I often ate corn pancakes. But they were called corn fritters.