Monday, March 6, 2017

"Why Women’s Magazines Only “Get Political” When a Republican is in the White House"

Via Instapundit:  The liberal thought police are turning on Ivanka Trump—and her appearances in fashion magazines.

The first daughter, known for her business acumen and a markedly inoffensive Instagram presence, is not about to get treated like a family member of a liberal president, at least by the likes of magazines like Teen Vogue or Cosmopolitan.

“The Trumps should not appear on any magazine covers in a fawning, look-at-how-beautiful-they-are kind of way—editors should avoid these editorials or images where we’re just talking about their fashion,” lectured Prachi Gupta, a Jezebel writer who interviewed Ivanka during the campaign for Cosmopolitan, in a recent Politico article.

Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca was similarly adamant to Politico, saying:
“All women’s media should be inherently political. Of course you can hold serious and non-serious interests, and sometimes posts are allowed to just be about what’s cute—that’s OK. But overall, the holistic goal of any publication geared towards women should be concerned with the political, and that goes beyond who’s running for office.”
Why exactly must any magazine “geared towards women” care about the political?

And why? Why must everything be political? What’s wrong with living and let live—and sharing some thoughts from figures ranging from Ivanka Trump to Chelsea Clinton about whether peplums are a good idea or not?

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AprilApple said...

Women's magazines are political all the time. Women's magazines fellate democrats and all things leftwing prog, and they hate-on all R's and conservatives - in every issue. It's there. It might be some silly article in the back, but it's always there.

The left know what they are doing.

AprilApple said...

Trump obviously adores his daughters. There is an obvious mutual respect between dad and daughters.

Because Trump beat the lying sociopath power-whore Hillary, Trump hates all wimin. That's the big lie, swallowed whole by the progs.

That's how the game is played on the left. Not that I need to tell you.

AprilApple said...

You must read how much daddy hates you and that you are a victim, never to recover, in the fashion section.

edutcher said...

Remember how the media drooled about how Mooch, she of the incredibly bad taste and fashion sense, was the second coming of Jackie Kennedy?

"Why must everything be political? What’s wrong with living and let live"

Because is WAR. War in cause of Glorious World Socialist Revolution. Because power comes out of barrel of gun. Because capitalist running dogs must DIE.

ricpic said...

Ivanka gets the last laugh: her line is having an uptick in sales.