Friday, March 10, 2017

North Korea Park Ousted... followed by the kids of BBC commentator (blooper)

Via Reddit

Did NK slip up, airing albeit briefly, the ouster of a leader to the south?


Amartel said...

At the very end where she crawls back to close the door, she must be thinking that she is signalling apology both to him and to the people who are watching, not that no one can see her.

Rabel said...

There's a difference between keeping a stiff upper lip and having a stick up your ass. I suggest that the gent suffers greatly from the latter.

Rabel said...

In more important news, Chip Ahoy has resurfaced with a post on his food blog to be found in the blogroll over on the right. He has been quite ill and we should all wish him the best. I'd send him a get well card but he makes his own so I'm in the clear.

Get well soon, Chip. Watch out for the relapse.