Thursday, March 2, 2017

Movie geeks what are some films everyone must watch before they die?

Reddit top voted comments....

Dr. Strangelove is a timeless classic that will always be relevant and it's a masterpiece.

12 Angry Men. It's been decades since it came out and it still holds up.

The Three Colors Trilogy
Possession (1981)
Perfect Blue
In the Mood for Love

Whiplash is a masterpiece of storytelling and usage of camera. Not even on the internet I could find somebody genuinely not liking this movie.

Will add more when I'll remember them, or when someone suggests a movie:

* 2001: A Space Odyssey

* American Beauty

* Chinatown

* Citizen Kane

* City of God

* Cool Hand Luke

* Die Hard

* Django Unchained

* Fight Club

* Forrest Gump

* Gangs of Wasseypur (Indian movie)

* Gladiator

* Goodfellas

* Groundhog Day

* Gandhi

* Hachi: A Dog's Tale

* Inception

* Kill Bill

* Lawrence of Arabia

* Leon the Professional

* Lion (2016)

* La La Land

* M

* Moonlight

* No country for Old Men

* One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

* Pulp Fiction

* Psycho

* Raider of the Lost Arc

* Saving Private Ryan

* Scarface

* Schindler List

* Se7en

* Seven Samurai

* Slumdog Millionare

* Star Wars

* The Dark Knight

* The Departed

* The Devil's Advocate

* The Elephant Man

* The Godfather

* The Good The Bad and The Ugly

* The Green Mile

* The Lord of the Rings

* The Princess Bride

* The Road

* The Shawshank Redemption

* The Silence of the Lambs

* The Terminator

* The Big Lebowski

* The Prestige

* Gulaal (Indian movie)

* Room

* The Truaman Show

* The Usual Suspects

* The Wolf of the Wall Street

* Titanic

* There will be blood

* To Kill a MockingBird

* UP

* A Wednesday (Indian movie)

* American History X

* V for Vendatta

* Inglorious Bastards

* Memento

* Once Upon A Time in the West

* Catch me if you can

* Casblanca

* Shutter Island

* Grave of the Fireflies

* Deadpool (2016)

* The Matrix

* Barfi (Indian movie)

* It's a Wonderful Life

* Spirited Away

* Get Out

* The Lion King

* The Revenant

* Monty Python and the Holy Grail

* Drishyam (Indian movie)

* Reservoir Dogs

* The Shining

* Mad Max: Fury Road - (I could I forget this!) Thanks /u/tobiderfisch for reminding me.

* Life of Pi (completely forgot about it, thank you everyone for reminding me)

Haven't seen those:

* Jurrasic Park as /u/hrakkari suggested.

* Wall-E as /u/kipz0r and /u/Help-Attawapaskat suggested.

* City of angels as /u/gerge21 suggested.

* The Last Samurai as /u/GorillaJuiceOfficial suggested.

* Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as /u/ERR505_chairnotfound suggested.

* The Grand Budapest Hotel as /u/ichiwichi suggested.

* Brazil as /u/ElMachoGrande suggested.

* Apocalypse Now as /u/ElMachoGrande suggested.

* Blade Runner as /u/fungusbanana and /u/ Mare_Vaporum suggested.

* Nightcrawler as /u/Geckobait suggested.

* Interstellar as /u/MrBandit0 suggested.

* The 5th element as /u/Djbm suggested.

* The Martian as /u/Djbm suggested.

* Mullholland Drive as /u/Djbm suggested.

* Alien as /u/BET_THE_FARM, /u/duncanispro and /u/kaybee41906 suggested.

* Planet of the Apes as /u/kaybee41906 suggested.

* Taxi Driver as /u/trichotillomanian suggested.

* Stand by me as /u/Definitely-notatroll suggested.

* Airplane as /u/MooMoo4228 suggested.

*  Inside Out as /u/TrollRageOrAfk suggested.

* The Thing (1982) as /u/Beardy_Foxbear suggested.

* The Avengers (2012) as /u/REAL-2CUTE4YOU suggested.

* Sunshine as /u/_Fudge_Judgement_ suggested.

* Brick as /u/_Fudge_Judgement_ suggested.

* Gangs of New York as /u/Tabletop98 suggested.

* Children of Men as /u/goat89 suggested.

* Back to the Future as /u/satlyzany suggested.

* hacksaw ridge as /u/satlyzany suggested.

* Battleship Potemkin as /u/Armenian-Jensen suggested.

* midnight special as /u/Sp00kyDookie_V2 suggested.

* Ghost in the Shell as /u/JetAlone01 suggested.

* Casino as /u/Eiiy suggested.

* Requiem for a Dream as /u/Nonsense_Replies suggested.

* Dogs in Space as /u/mkitt10 suggested.

* Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure as /u/DemonicDom suggested.

* Young Frankenstein as /u/DemonicDom suggested.

* Wayne's World as /u/DemonicDom suggested.

* Grosse Pointe Blank as /u/DemonicDom suggested.

* Robocop as /u/JimHadar suggested.

* Captain America: The Winter Soldier as /u/IAMA_Drunk_Armadillo suggested.

* Raging Bull as /u/PizzaPTY suggested.

* The Artist as /u/pilotgrant suggested.

* Princess Mononoke as /u/Redneckfunk suggested.

* Tree of Life as /u/Redneckfunk suggested.

* Rashomon as /u/Redneckfunk suggested.

* Old Boy as /u/Redneckfunk suggested.

* Funny Games as /u/Redneckfunk suggested.

* Pans Labyrinth as /u/Redneckfunk suggested.

* Her as /u/Redneckfunk suggested.

* Paths of Glory as /u/_stuntnuts_ suggested.

* Full Metal Jacket as /u/_stuntnuts_ suggested.

* Eyes Wide Shut as /u/_stuntnuts_ suggested.

* Into the Wild as /u/Croninn suggested.

* Caddyshack as /u/SheWhoSpawnedOP suggested.

* The Color Purple as /u/DiambaWithCoffee suggested.

* Hotel Rwanda as /u/DiambaWithCoffee suggested.

* Mr Smith Goes to Washington as /u/iwascompromised suggested.

* Braveheart as /u/Markie_98 suggested.

* Whiplash as /u/TannerDingle suggested.

* Hot Fuzz as /u/jrkrone suggested.

* Rocky as /u/makedamovies suggested.

*  Toy Story as /u/mightynifty suggested.

* John Wick as /u/mightynifty suggested.

* Blazing Saddles as /u/mightynifty suggested.

* The Graduate as /u/mightynifty suggested.

* Seven Psychopaths as /u/brandens71 suggested.

* Birdman as /u/kerplookie488 suggested.

Getting too many suggestions help me in editting /u/spez, I'll add them all when the replies die down. Thank you all for the replies.

Thanks for the gold!


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I will add this for Trooper: Any movie with John Wayne in it (even the one where he plays Mongol Genghis Khan).

Titus said...

Moonlight-a true game changer

edutcher said...

You must be joking.

"The Avengers"???? Really????

Not one Western in the list? Almost anything by Ford or Hawks. Skip almost anything after the cavalry trilogy ("Sergeant Rutledge" is the exception), ditto "El Dorado". "The Comancheros" is fun. Of course, "the Magnificent Seven", "The Bravados" (very nice twist at the end, not to mention a luscious young Joan Collins), "Arrowhead" (Chuck Heston as an Indian-hating scout)

Only "Private Ryan" in war movies? Where's "The Longest Day", "Tora", "Guns Of Navarone"

I could go on.

Sixty Grit said...

Blazing Saddles just showed up on NetFlix - I watched it for the first time in its entirety last night. Mel Brooks correctly mocked male homosexuals mercilessly - like the bunch of Kansas City faggots they are.

Since he couldn't write a proper ending he had the western characters crash a musical dance scene - again, male homosexuals being as prissy and as full of flaming faggotry as they are in real life. Well done, Mr. Brooks.

It is a great movie that could not be made today.

rhhardin said...

The Edge of Seventeen (2016) was good.

Bridge of Spies

Trying to think of recent ones.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Titus, Moonlight was boring as hell.

The main character was so passive, it was painfully slow to watch. Except for scene when he is smacking that douchbag with a chair--that was good.

I liked the drug dealer and his girlfriend, but sort of sad the only decent characters in the movie were the drug dealer and his girlfriend and his friend who betrays but then befriends him again.

edutcher said...

Almost nothing before the 90s and nothing in black and white.

How do you list movies everyone must watch before they die without "Birth Of A Nation"?

Or "Bugs Bunny Nips The Nips".

AprilApple said...

I'm proud to say I've never watched most of those.

Don't plan to.

I do like Forrest Gump.

AprilApple said...

Shawshank redemption - depressing as hell but a great ending.
Get busy living or get busy dying.

AprilApple said...

American Beauty? I had the misfortune of seeing that one. Wish I could un-see it.

rhhardin said...

My standard list

Get Smart (2008)
Notting Hill
The Proposal
Two Weeks Notice
You've Got Mail
Laws of Attraction
Music and Lyrics

JRoberts said...

"In Harm's Way" - Otto Preminger war film with John Wayne & Kirk Douglas

"Shindler's List" is tough to watch at times due to the brutality, but a great film

"Godfather" because, hey, it's "Godfather"

Agree about "Blazing Saddles" a great film that's too non-PC to be made again

Another non-PC entry: "Animal House"

Synova said...

I can't think of a single movie that everyone should watch. The fun movies are fun if you like them. The "good for you" movies are medicine you don't need.

My dad particularly likes a movie called "The Gods are Crazy". I think that if there is a movie everyone should watch, that's the movie. Watch that one.

Synova said...

Binge watch all the seasons of Hogan's Heroes.

Steg said...

Synova- "The Gods Must Be Crazy"? Follows the bushman on his quest to find the end of the earth to throw away the evil thing the Gods had sent his tribe.

That was one of our family regular movies when all the cousins would come to visit when we were little. My mom watched it in a sociology class in the early 80s, which is how our family found it.

It is an excellent film.

I can't believe nobody said 'The Mask'!! Don't we all wear masks, MR. IPKISS?

chickelit said...

Brokeback Mountain
Philadelphia Story
Boys Don't Cry
Dallas Buyer's Club

These are the movies we're told that should care the most about seeing. Doesn't matter who played in them.

Amirite, Titus?

Christy said...

I've seen most of the list. I might have missed it, but I would add Some Like It Hot. I'm also fond of It Happened One Night.