Saturday, March 11, 2017

"Marines nude photo scandal expands to all branches of military"

Via Drudge:  The Defense Department is investigating online outlets through which Marines shared nude photographs of women, including fellow Marines -- some taken without their knowledge.

CBS News has learned the investigation has spread to all branches of the military. Business Insider first reported that the scandal is broader than it initially appeared to be in early reports.

The website titled Anon-IB first gained notoriety for publishing nude photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence. But it also contains a message board for military personnel where men from all branches of the military exchange comments and nude photos of female service members, sometimes identifying them by name and/or duty station.

Some of the pictures are pure porn, others are innocent snap shots followed by requests for wins, slang for nude photos.

“Anyone got any wins for this one?” someone asked about a young woman in the Massachusetts National Guard.

Fiction writer says.....


AprilApple said...

Horny young men away from home seek sex. That's new!

AprilApple said...

...and it's Trump fault. (ooo that's new as well)

edutcher said...

The Lefties have been pushing for a wide-open society for a century, so more and more people, especially women and kids, end up thralls of the Welfare State.

The Lefties, in more recent times, have also created a Ladies' Auxiliary to do everything possible to demean manhood by creating misandry among women through phony "empowerment" by doing things they claim the Patriarchy has forbidden as means to keep them enslaved.

This is where the God of the copybook Headings, known as Mutual Exclusivity, rears his ugly head.

PS I recall an old cadence call that said women Marines (AKA BAMS) "looked like Phyllis Diller and walked like Frankenstein", so nude women Marines raises a few interesting images.

Lem said...

I'm going to be working at a warehouse the rest of the day. UPS is not paying enough to pay the bills yet.

Please feel free to post something.

rhhardin said...

A young man thinks of women's genitals about 500 times a day. it's almost as if it's wired in. It might be a species thing.

Leland said...

A young man thinks of women's genitals about 500 times a day.

How else would you check the moral compass?

deborah said...

rh, how many times does an old man think of them ~leer~

rhhardin said...

Old men can go all day without thinking about sex, if it doesn't come up.

Cicero says it's one of the advantages. De Senectute.

You can enjoy it but it's no longer an obsession.

deborah said...

I feel very sorry for young men...what an agony of hormones.