Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trump praises the work of Catholic Schools.

February 3, 2017
In recognition of National Catholic Schools Week, I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all of the dedicated Catholic school administrators, teachers, priests, and support organizations who work tirelessly to build and sustain quality Catholic schools across the Nation. 
The theme of this year’s National Catholic Schools Week is “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service.”  I appreciate the many ways in which Catholic schools nurture devotion, impart wisdom, and minister to the 2 million students who enter their halls every day.  and to the diverse communities they serve. 
Congratulations for the tremendous work you have done to educate our Nation’s youth each and every day. Your continued and sustained efforts are vital to our success and prosperity as a country.
This is the letter that President Trump issued in praise of the work that Catholic Schools. It is all of a piece with the direction he wants education to move based on his appointment of the Education Secretary Besty DeVos. She is a proponent of charter schools and alternatives to the public education model that has failed so many million children.

It is very fashionable for people who went to Catholic School to knock it and talk about how it sucked and damaged them for life. Well I got news for you. It wasn't the school. It was you. Sure there were excesses. Sure the Nuns and the Brothers might have smacked you around. But you deserved it you little bastards. If somebody had smacked around the millennial s they wouldn't be the little snowflake pussies that they are today.
I am for School choice. I think vouchers should be issued to every parent so they can send their kids to the school that reflects their values. It could be a Catholic School. A Yeshiva. A Bible school. A Madrassa. A secular humanist gluten free academy. It will be the one thing that would serve to bring the most people out of poverty. You see the teachers will have to produce or get fired. They can not just punch a clock the way they do in the public service system. It is not for me or you to tell parents where their kids can go to school. If they want to send their kids to a school where there are not a bunch of knuckleheads that you have to keep in class because of some bullshit rule. Look you can't save everybody. But we can do a better job targeting people. Some of those trouble-making knuckleheads are not up to the academic tests that frustrate them and make them act out. Track them into trade schools. Let them work with their hands. Old school style. Not every body has to go to college to study Black Studies or Women Studies or some other bullshit that means you can never get a freaking job.
Trump is a direct contrast to Obama who when he was in Ireland said that they should close Catholic schools because they "divide the people." Trump is not afraid to praise traditional American Institutions and do what he can to bolster them in their mission.


windbag said...

I had male teachers for fifth and sixth grade in the public school. We were beaten almost daily, and honestly deserved more...we didn't always get caught. We were frequently sitting at our desks while the rest of the class got recess. It didn't warp us, it molded us into better people.

When I taught (three years) at a private Christian school, there was constant pressure and debate from the school board and parents about how "Christian" we were being at the school. A friend who also taught there pointed out that we could take the word "Christian" off the sign and still have a school, but we had to be a school first. She was right. The product we offered was an education. The flavor was Christian.

Like you said, it can be a gluten-free secular humanist academy, but the bottom line is the kids get educated. Public schools aren't doing that. Many of the kids I employ are cynical and derisive of their teachers, especially the lefty douchebag ones. They push back a little, but mostly just bite their tongues and suffer through the indoctination. I'll guarantee that most parents and students will opt for a quality education, given the opportunity, and will gladly flee the cesspools called public schools.

Trooper York said...

I think what it is all about is freedom of association. That is what the social justice warriors are all about....just in a bizzaro fashion.

By which I mean to say that their ultimate value is discrimination. That nobody can in their eyes discriminate against anyone else regardless of their values or behavior. So they support rules and laws that force transgender people into bathrooms or the Boy Scouts. That force religious groups to admit people that don't believe in their religion. That force you to bake a cake for people who have a lifestyle that flies in the face of the teaching of your faith.

Discrimination is by it's very definition choice. You discriminate between various types of behavior. Some is acceptable to you and some is not. Why should parents be forced to subject their children to values and causes that they abhor? Why not let them gather together with like minded individuals be they be black separatists or Quakers. I want them to have their rights. I just want them to give me mine.

Theres the rub.

ndspinelli said...

I attended K-8 public school, Catholic high school, Catholic college undergrad and state college post grad. I have taught in public high schools and Catholic middle school. Catholic schools are an exponentially better education. That said, the big Jesuit colleges have become just like Berkley. But, K-12 Catholic is the choice for children. Absolutely.

AprilApple said...

Everyone must be crammed into and thru a government run school.

Teacher's Union - democrat party rice bowls must remain full.

ndspinelli said...

This is an issue, if Trump is smart, to bring in black voters. There is no other issue where the Dem party and their most loyal voters, black people are in DIRECT conflict. 76% of black people support school choice. Reagan broke PATCO, Trump needs to break the NEA and AFT. He can do that and get black voters switching parties as well. If he plays it smart. And pom poms. Let's just see how he plays it. I'm hoping he's successful but let's see what he does.

Commander Crankshaft said...
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Commander Crankshaft said...

I think charters are a neat idea - even when they fail to "produce results" that are superior to public schools, which is usually the case. I just think it would have been nice if Trump nominated someone for the position who knew a single thing about education policy - apart from just how to profit like gangbusters billionaires off of it.

Blaming education for our problems goes too far. Kids are like anyone else - just as self-motivated or not. It all comes down to setting; if you're in a nice leafy suburb you will learn something. If you're in a bleak concrete jungle or barren dirt farm, it's harder for topics to set down roots into your imagination and mind. And the worst part is really the students, but they just get it from the parents, who can be as obnoxious as Komodo dragons. They're just following the American entrepreneurial spirit though, really. They think their kid's the best. That their kid has to be better than all the other kids. They want the competitive advantage. They want to crush the competition. By hook or by crook and by any means necessary. Isn't that how we encourage our businesses to operate? The parents are just doing the same thing. They see their kids as their company and they'll be damned if any teacher tells them that they can't give the other kids swirlies or throw cherry bombs in the teachers' lounge toilet. Everyone thinks their kid is perfect, by definition - no matter how much of a laggard or a dullard or a delinquent or a budding young sociopath he is. And even those who aren't half as bad still have parents who think they're the best. So of course the teachers have to be the devil here. Or blame the policy. Either way, it takes the pressure off - I'm sure.

Trooper York said...

That is his plan. Notice his plan to abolish the Johnson amendment. Black preachers always tell their congregations how to vote. They are technically breaking the law. If they can find a vehicle to let black churches set up their own schools with their own teachers and their own values they will be behind him 1000%

The press is totally missing President Trumps outreach to the black community. They dismiss his meetings with people like Kayne and Jim Brown and the ministers who want to broker a discussion with the gang leaders in Chicago. President Trump is determined to reach out and get a dialog and a productive relationship based on mutual self interest. The only relationship that really works. Not the condescending master/slave relationship of the Democratic matrix. Rather a relationship of equals who each bring something to the table.

Kayne is a laughingstock to a lot of people but what he is a shrewd canary in the coal mine. He is a rank opportunist of the first water. He instinctively feels what is happening and is out in front of it. Watch and see. President Trump will get unprecedented support in the black community for a Republican. He if he gets 40% it will smash the Democrats viability for a generation.

Commander Crankshaft said...

Kanye? Kanye's now the emissary of the black American community?

That's funny. I give them more credit than to presume they confuse the difference between an emissary and a curiosity. If only white voters were shrewd enough to realize that difference when it came to... well, you know.

Smashing viability and this politics uber alles mentality seems bound for the kind of failure it got when Karl Rove was convinced he was on the same path to political immortality. The fountain of youth that somehow makes civics obsolete. I have a feeling it will backfire just as miserably. Especially considering how far to the left of the crowd Trump had to be to win, let alone to get nominated.

40%? Let's see him get a 40% approval rating, first.

I hate to crush dreams but I guess it's ok. I'll be the bad guy.

Commander Crankshaft said...

No amendment. Just tax the churches all the same. Let them reveal themselves for what they are: Spiritual commerce. Industries of the spirit. Unleash their entrepreneurial overdrives! Subject them to the internal revenue code! Let a thousand congregational competitors flourish!

Clearly there is not enough competition in the industry known as religion. Well, there's competition and then there's competition!

Non-profit status is unexciting. We're talking enterprises of the soul, here.

edutcher said...

The Church educated a lot of kids over a hundred years without costing the taxpayer a dime.

PS Crankipants needs to stop looking at those PPP and Al Reuters polls. They were, after all, the ones who kept saying the Beast was going to win.

Trooper York said...

I think most of what you say it correct Ritmo. It all comes down to setting.

A public school has to take everyone. So troublemakers and losers stop other children from learning. The peer pressure to conform which is so overwhelming for a child stops them from learning. A parent can take his child out of that environment and put him in a Church based school with his peers who want to learn.

Think of a charter school as a life boat. It can save a lot of people. But not everybody.

We can come up with something for those incorrigibles You know old school. Work houses. You know how they have Pre-K. Lets set up Pre-Prison. Let them learn the ropes. So to speak.

Trooper York said...

You are not the bad guy but you are the guy working on the old assumptions.

You didn't read what I said. Kayne is by no means the representative of the black community. No more than Al Sharpton or Corey Booker. What I said he is a opportunist who looks out for the main chance. He thinks that Trump is going to be surprisingly popular with his audience. He jumps on the cultural zeitgeist. If you can call Kim's ass the zeitgeist. I wouldn't bet against him. He knows how to get the Benjamins. I submit that he is more tuned in then you and I. Just sayn'

Trooper York said...

You have to think outside the box.

Kayne thinks outside of Kim's box.

Try it.

Trooper York said...

President Trump is building a new coalition. It is in it's infant stages. There is room in the tent for a bunch of people. Religious blacks can have a prominent place at the table. They are often pro life. The holocaust of abortion falls on their community much more than any other group. They compete with illegal immigrants for jobs. President Trump will institute a infrastructure program that will bring jobs. He will browbeat manufacturers to put factories in places like Detroit to bring jobs. He is going to work with the unions in a realistic way to get jobs that will work with the communities that are devastated with crime and despair.

I think the real players will meet him halfway. The churches. The hardworking people who want jobs. Real stuff. Not bullshit. We shall see what we will see.

windbag said...

The press is totally missing President Trumps outreach to the black community.

They're totally ignoring all the facts. All the lefties are rewriting reality to fit their narrative. Two years ago, the left were all happy to suck up to billionaire Trump, visit him, attend parties with him, and have their picture taken with him. It was exciting to be around that wealth and power. Now? He's a leper.

Trump is the most pro-gay President we've ever had, but it doesn't fit their political agenda, so to hear the victims of the gay left tell it, he's ready to round them up for the death camps. He's the most pro-black President since Clinton backed welfare reform, but you'd think he's Robert Byrd's right-hand man if you listen to the crazies on the left.

In short, Trump is like most normal people in the center of American politics--he doesn't give a rat's ass about your color, gender, religion, or where you choose to stick it when you get off. Just do your job well, collect your pay, drink whatever you want to unwind, and live your life your way. Stop being a parasite and be a producer.

But, the left can't tolerate that, so he's Hitler.

ricpic said...

Did Trump give permission to the nuns to use the ruler liberally?

Commander Crankshaft said...

Well, maybe so. But to view him as the next in line from the trajectory starting w/Sharpton sounds suspicious, is all I'm saying!

Sorry if I misread what you wrote.

Trooper York said...

I am just saying we have to look at him from a different perspective. I have to do it from the right. You have to do it from the left.

He will do things that I don't like. But I think on balance he is taking a common sense approach. All I ask is to step back for a minute and think about what he is doing.

For example the travel ban was limited to the countries already listed by the Congress and the Obama administration as the nations most at risk. He did not add or subtract from the already legislated list. Why is that causing such consternation. It is clearly not a Muslim ban. Hey I want a Muslim ban. They are not compatible with a modern western society. If you don't believe me just look at what is happening in Europe. It is a reasonable and common sense attempt at vetting immigrants from countries who do not have adequate record keeping and functioning governments.Functioning governments like Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi and even Pakistan have the ability to produce the documentation that would facilitate movement. The opposition and the hyperbole is all a bunch of bullshit. It will be proven as such in Court when it is adjudicated by competent non-prejudiced jurists.

ndspinelli said...

I saw Bill Burr in concert last September. He does a funny bit at just how batshit crazy Kanye West is. Burr has a new concert on Netflix which was taped in Nashville just after I saw him. It is almost verbatim what I saw. I give it a 'B.' It was funnier live in person, but they always are.

Sixty Grit said...

I tried to watch that pre-election show and only made it a few minutes in. Bill Burr loves Hillary.

ndspinelli said...

I didn't see it that way.