Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"EU's Donald Tusk sees Trump as threat to Europe"

BBC: He said the change in Washington was part of an external threat that also included an assertive China, an aggressive Russia and radical Islam.

In a letter to 27 European leaders, Mr Tusk also said he believed most of them agreed with him.

Several statements from Washington have prompted alarm in Europe's capitals.

In his letter, issued ahead of an EU summit in Malta this week, Mr Tusk said the new US administration placed the EU in a "difficult situation" as it appeared to "put into question the last 70 years of American foreign policy".

He concluded: "We cannot surrender to those who want to weaken or invalidate the Transatlantic bond, without which global order and peace cannot survive. We should remind our American friends of their own motto: United we stand, divided we fall."

Donald Tusk doesn't speak for European leaders. His role is to chair their debates and focus their minds on the biggest issues facing the EU.

The way he always does that is by speaking bluntly.

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edutcher said...

Trump is not President of the Transatlantic bond.

He is President of the United States. Perhaps Tusk is merely pointing out that it's been a while since Presidents put America first.

Leland said...

And here I thought the US motto was E pluribus unum or "Out of many, one." Which from a European perspective is hitlerian.

AprilApple said...

Europe - we are not your daddy. Figure it out.

Amartel said...

When you feel "threatened" because you might have to pay some of your own bills ... you might be a pitiful, sad, whiny little bitch and/or the EU.

ampersand said...

Trump should demand Europe give up each of their individual UN seats for one Euro seat or
each US state gets a seat. He should also tell Merkel, Hollande or even May that if they continue to import terrorists they will be thrown out of NATO. We can't defend suicidal nations.

edutcher said...

The US doesn't own NATO (technically), but I do like that first idea.

Sixty Grit said...

Of course they do. And 50 million muslims are just a good idea.

Methadras said...

Oh NOES!!! The elites are alarmed. Whatever shall we do?