Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Boys Will Be Boys, and Eventually Should Be Men"

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Dear Matt,

A friend of mine just sent me an article from the New York Times that says upper-income men no longer want to have sons, because they're too terrifyingly masculine. Can this be real?

Phil Buntz, Milwaukee

Is it real? Is that a serious question? Get real, Phil. This is America, 2017. I'm reading the Drudge Report right now, as I often do when I want to see how the End of the World is proceeding. For me, it's become like reading Revelation, without all the confusing symbolism. Here are just a few representative headlines: Don't have California secede, divide it in two! … Death of the porn star: humans replaced by "virtual actors" … New fad: adult swaddling therapy.So yes, it's real. The Idiocracy has turned on its afterburners. Whatever you expect to happen, lower those expectations by factoring in unprecedented vulgarity, shamelessness, and stupidity—then expect the unexpected, which will come to pass. Nostradamus predicted the world would end in 3797. He clearly was a heedless optimist.

The offending article you point to is authored by one Andrew Reiner, an English professor who is also, God help us, writing a book about masculinity. (Not to be confused with other recent books about dying manhood like The End of Men, Angry White Men: American Masculinity At the End of An Era,and The End of Men: A Novel.) In his Timespiece, Reiner states that when his son Macallah was born five years ago (I couldn't make up that name, though his poor son probably wishes I had), Reiner's students asked him how it felt to be a new father. He blurted out that it was "terrifying … all I can think about is bullying … this boy's going to be raised to feel and express his vulnerability. That's a curse in this culture."

Is it? Because last I checked, no vulnerability in our culture goes unexpressed. Our liberals are out in the street, complaining about one perceived injustice or another, every other day. Our president tweets incessantly about all the alleged mistreatment he is suffering at the hands of the media and his enemies (both real and imagined), while conservatives express hurt and confusion that anyone dare question our Dear Leader. If our country was encapsulated now by one infantile syllable, it would be: "Wahhhh!" We have become a nation of whiners. The problem, it seems, is not that we don't express ourselves, but that we never stop.

Remember when grandpa used to dispense wise clichés like "Grin and bear it"? Sorry gramps, we don't do that anymore. We've traded out for "grimace and express it". The traditional hallmarks of "manliness"—bravery, stoicism, physical courage—have been discounted for some time now, and are damn near being criminalized by the likes of Reiner and The Emasculators.

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edutcher said...

This is why Donald trump is President. He's the strong horse.

Reiner is why the Leftish types say Western Civilization is dying. It's not the West, it's the Left. they've come to believe all their propaganda and hate speech about white men so much they're declaring war on themselves.

Of course, they'll try to drag us down with them, but Trump is a very healthy sign we don't want to go.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I'm not so sure that looking for sissies to mock in an essay counts as a traditionally masculine thing to do.

bagoh20 said...

Yes, Trump is refreshingly forceful, confident, and in that way, masculine, but the author is right about the whining Trump. He should just stop that. The media will continue to hound, which is their job, even if only under Republican administrations. Be forceful, active, determined, and get stuff done. Then just let the results speak for themselves. That's harder, but much more effective and useful to us than whining about mistreatment. If he keeps it up, the Whining will become the story and the label applied to him. Don't give them that. Everybody with a brain sees the bias clearly anyway.

Just like the often predicted death of Republicans and conservatives, Masculinity is doing just fine with enough men to keep us strong. The pussies can languish in their useless sensitivity while the men who accept their indispensable role as men get things done and leave the pussies in the sandbox crying together. Just look at our military men to see that we have plenty of the real thing alive and well. There are simply two Americas and they don't have much respect for each other while one refuses to accept that what they despise is real, and absolutely essential. They hate real men because they can't be them, but they secretly wish they could be, becuase they would be so much more awesome humans if they were.

ricpic said...

I think the inversion of all values is the way cowards pursue power. The ultimate prize has always been power. Through almost all of human history power was fought for. Literally. The warrior who beat the other warriors ruled. It involved literally putting your life on the line. You could say that starting with the French Revolution the way the weak, the cowardly, the non-jocks, the envious have pursued and been acquiring power has involved trickery, mass deception, mocking manly directness and elevating subversion and subterfuge as virtues, the highest virtues. Because - the tricksters claim - subversion brings down the "oppressors" and elevates their victims. Ergo what we see now in the Left. The complete inversion of the moral order.

Trooper York said...

You are just wrong bags. You don't win by letting the media get away with their lies. You need to destroy them. They are the enemy. It is not whining to attack them. The let them get away with their bullshit is the Bush way. The Romney way. The McCain I want to be their friend way. The Losers way. They think it is more important to be polite than to win. They think it is more important to not say or do anything that will get you dis-invited to Washington parties.You need to hit back every time. Lets see who gets tired of it first.

I don't think it will be Trump.

bagoh20 said...

We don't need the likes of Corporal Upham in our society anymore than we need them on the front lines. Unfortunately, we will always have them and need to support and protect the little snowflakes, but they should not be trusted to do their part or act morally when it requires anything more than virtue signaling.

Trooper York said...

Robespierre vs Danton. You are exactly right ric.

That just about sums it up right there.

bagoh20 said...

"You need to hit back every time. Lets see who gets tired of it first."

It's already worn out. I just don't think it accomplishes anything anymore. You might want a President playing footsie with the press, but I want action and complete disregard for the biased press. Ignoring the little pricks hurts them more than anything. It's like fighting with a herd of spoiled children. They love the fight. It gets them name recognition and kudos from their friends. They live for it. They will never tire of it, but it is a huge distraction not worthy of his time. He should talk to those who are fair and balanced and completely ignore the rest. The Republicans you named never did that. Nobody ever has. It's time to treat the lame as lame. Laugh at them and move on.

bagoh20 said...

Imagine this: He gets unfairly treated by CBS. He can either fight with them or refuse to talk to them. Which one would really scares them more?

chickelit said...

Trump kinda did that on two occasions: first when he refused to talk to Ramos and his outfit and second when he refused to call on CNN.

Trooper York said...

So you want him to just take it? The way George W Bush did? How did that work out for him?

Their lies can not go unanswered.

I do agree he needs to freeze them out. They have started with CNN although they chickened out already. They need to totally freeze them out. They are doing it subtlety with things like the Skype questions. They need to work it harder.

Trump is not going to be the media's bitch the way W was. Just not gonna happen. It never did and it never will.

Trooper York said...

The media is the opposition party and they need to be attacked and destroyed. Root and branch.

AprilApple said...

Agreed -whining is bad. We want winning.

Trooper York said...

We are winning.

We got the Justice we wanted.

We are getting the Cabinet confirmed as even Rhinos like Hatch are growing a pair and saying screw the Democrats and the old fashioned rules of the Senate.

We are getting the Wall. And Paul Rhino Ryan says he is going to pay for it until we squeeze the dough out of Mexico.

Donald Trump unlike almost every other politician in my lifetime is making a good faith effort to do what he said he was going to do. The establishment on both sides of the aisle are losing their shit because that is not the way it has ever been done before.

ampersand said...

Bring back the draft, include girls. Then these assholes become Canada's problem.

ampersand said...

Girls should be men. Some men should be women and boys should be invisible.

Methadras said...

Like all the children of the left, they should be seen and not heard. Preferably not seen either.

ndspinelli said...

If someone is @ a loss what to buy the bra salesman for his birthday, may I suggest a few pairs of pom poms. He's going through them rapidly.