Monday, January 9, 2017

Slow easy crossword.

This puzzle by Fred Piscop is not challenging in the least. If it was published in NYT then it would be a Monday puzzle, the easiest of all. It borders on filling out a hospital form. Honestly, no joke, it can be completed fast as you can write so in real life it would be completed in less than four minutes. But we're going slowly this time so your eyes can skip between the clues at the top and the puzzle below, and we're going straight through with no skipping around area to area as you would normally do. First all the horizontals then the verticals and removing the wrong horizontal guesses as they're disproven as we go. Come on, be a sport and play along.


deborah said...

You're better than this, Chip! Get hold of yourself, man! *smack*

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I can't remember where I saw it, recently, on the internet, but there was some article talking about brain-fitness and how you have to really, really exercise your mind. Something easy like Sodoku won't do it.

And I was all, like, I'm not sure what this Sodoku thing is, but you're just talking out your ass, irrespective of whatever credentials you may have obtained. There's only scant science behind the claim that mental exercise staves off dementia.

And I suspect that was what was really going on. Trying to rehabilitate the idea that mental exercise is like medicine: "No. No. See? It really works. Trust us. It's just that you haven't been working hard enough at it. You need to do more of what we advise you to do!"

It's a familiar response.

Problem is sometimes it's true.

MamaM said...

Sometimes I'm feel like I'm back at the family dinner table, watching a puzzle unfold and wondering why Chip got slapped.

I stayed to the end, but lost focus with partyanimals yoo-hooing and begging for attention and early recognition out of turn.