Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"Physicians of Reddit: What's the worst injury you've seen at a routine check-up?"

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Not physician, but x-ray tech. Had a patient walk into the urgent care for hip x-rays. Her order said it was for hip pain, which is pretty routine. Turns out she had walked in on not one, but two fractured hips!

My brother once jumped on the front of my white car, grabbing the front pillars with his hands. I closed the door and caught his finger, which he pulled out quickly (as you do) but there was a tiny chip of paint that had come off the car and got lodged under the skin somehow. He must have spent a week or so chewing on it to try to get the paint out, but it just wasn't working so he went to the doctor to see if he could help. After checking it out, the doctor tells him, "The reason you can't get that out is because it's your bone."
Apparently when I shut the door on his finger, I'd broken the tip of his pinkie enough so he could see the bone through the skin and he'd spent the next few days trying to pull his own finger bone out with his teeth.

ED doc so hardly a routine visit but a guy comes up to the triage window with his arms over his head, palms of his hands pressed against his ears. "Eh ... I'm in tremendous pain" he says when asked what's wrong. X-ray'd him and found he'd broken his neck. He'd been walking around with it for 3 days

First year nursing student in LA and I was at clinicals when a guy who I had to do a physical assessment on (all we could do since we dont know much) tells me he's been hearing strange cracklings and noises in his ear. I check his ear and it is filled with so much wax and what not. Call my RN advisor and she proceeds to clean out the guys ear. What does she find? Fucking fruit fly nest. Yea, the medical field can get pretty rad.

Junior doctor from Australia here.
I had a young lady come in for a Pap smear. She was chatty and relaxed, not nervous at all. She lay on the bed and I got the speculum ready. I opened it up and instead of seeing her cervix I saw a kiwi-fruit sized blob of bloody tissue just hanging out in her vaginal canal.
It was one of my first Pap smears I ever did, and I had a sudden bizarre thought that I had broken her vagina. I hadn't though, it was just a big uterine polyp that had emerged and was in her vagina hanging by a thread of tissue. She was mortified although I tried to reassure her.
This was in a small town and later that day I went to the bakery to get some lunch and she was behind the counter.
The most common "surprise" I see is patients in long term marriages etc who come up positive for chlamydia.


Sixty Grit said...

My brother worked in the ER at Jacobi Medical Center right off Pelham Parkway. Guy came in with a head wound - turns out he had been shot five times, point blank with a .32 pistol, the slugs had penetrated his skin, hit his skull then traveled up and over the top of his head, then collected on the far side of his head and kind of settled down in his neck, without breaking any bones or any skin, other than the entrance wound. His skull wasn't even cracked.

He was a bloody mess, had a headache for a couple of days, but think about that - he was shot in the head, five times, yet he survived. Talk about being hard headed!

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

This one pretty much nails it. LINK.

AllenS said...

My cousin was shot in the head (forehead), and the bullet entered the skin and then just followed his skull around to the back side where it stopped.

Now, for my doctor/assistant story. My friend Don and his wife Mary tried to fix me up with their neighbor. Can't remember her name, but after we were all drinking for about an hour, she told me that the was a gynecologist assistant, and after about an hour of her telling stories about all of the stuff that was discovered, you know where, and how bad you know what smelled because of some of the food items removed, I got up and left.

Methadras said...

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

This one pretty much nails it. LINK.

How in the name of all things unholy do you not know or feel a nail being forcibly embedded into your skull? I mean, you have to be of a Homer Simpson level of derp.

Leland said...

One I recall from my wife was a young couple bringing in a new born that just wasn't developing. The child seemed fine, but in an uncanny valley sort of way; it was obviously not a normal child. The doctor shined a light in the child's ear, and the entire head glowed.

Turned out the young couple were first cousins. The various problems this causes with chromosomes meant that their child's cerebellum never developed (or at least fully developed). It could eat, cry, but otherwise lacked cognitive skills.