Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Overheard on Lem's

Dad Bones said on Lem's earlier post about the bogus poll being pushed in an obvious attempt to discredit Trump before he takes office. (Aren't all political polls bogus? Haven't journalists leaned their polls are disregarded? No, they have not.
ISIS doesn't stand a chance if we have enough troops like this guy.
Man, what a great video. Love LOVE LOVE it. These two brothers are fantastic together.

One commenter on YouTube with the avatar of Putin says, "If classic rock dies, I will nuke the earth." 

Another commenter responds to Putin, "not Britain rock never dies also the Who and the Rolling Stones should be on here."

A third commenter responds to the second,"Paint it Black was on there."

The third guy answered for me. I thought the same thing. The remark stuck out as the song stuck out because I practiced the song so much. Then I thought this song really is perfect for practicing. I bet the kids used it.

Observe, if you like, how "paint" is like a wide paintbrush slapping paint on a wall. And "car" or any form of locomotion even an airplane falls into a system, a "3" sign using two fingers and the thumb. So a line of cars will show how the signers visualize the cars are parked. Are the cars parallel parked or perpendicularly parked or are they angle parked? Are the cars painted with broad floppy brush as a wall or are the cars all spray painted at once? 

Note that "black" is an index finger drawing across the brow like a thick black unibrow. While "summer" is the exact same movement at the forehead except with the finger bent as if wiping sweat off the brow. "summer" is linked to "dressed" open hand flicking motions at the chest and "clothes" is the same thing as "dressed" so the boys put more emphasis on "clothes",  "dressed in their summer clothes."  

Look for "new born baby" and "girls passing by" 

There are several uploads of this song. Mostly bouncy gobbledegook, missed beats, elisions and gloss, but these two boys are the best. They stay true to canon and to the lyrics and the beat. They only pantomime "turn away."  Both of them have this song nailed. It's perfect. Well done!


chickelit said...

The signed "Paint It Black" is brilliant!

Lem said...

When Dubya turned it over to Obama he had the former living presidents and Obama of course at the oval for a photo op.

Will Obama do the same with Trump?

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I just came from a website where guys are discussing whether the categories of Russian Imperial Stout and American Double/Imperial Stout should be merged into one. Really. I am not making this up.

I guess in high school those were the guys who liked English class but there were too few of them for me to take notice. Getting writing assignments like: "Which is itchier, curiosity or a wool sweater?" made me want to puke.

My favorite class in high school was gym.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

The google-ad flashy thing at the upper right corner is no longer for Slow-Watch. It is now for Thursday-brand boots. That is an improvement.