Friday, January 13, 2017

Neil Cavuto on Trump shutting down Jim Acosta of CNN

This again.

I just notice what an apposite name Acosta is for a reporter who persists, "Can you give us a question?" *jab*
"Can you give us a question?" *jab*
"Can you give us a question?" *jab*
"Can you give us a question?" *jab*
"Can you give us a question?" *jab*

Were this obnoxious journalist's name the result of an author choosing names for his characters for his novel then it would seem a bit trite, a bit like a tongue-in-cheek joke like Ian Fleming gave to 007 secretaries, or "Mr. Black" for someone who practices dark magic and speaks only about terrible things and is actually negro, or "Mr. White for a character that is angelic and albino. There have been so many of these apposite names lately through this past election drama, we noted them at the time although presently they slip my mind. Names that came up through the Wikileaks revelations so apposite the names seemed to be made up for the drama, and through Veritas exposé videos. I'll start a label for them. For fun. (An actual name of the secretary for the manager of the Money department where they sorted cash by the same high speed sorters that the Check department sorted checks was named "Penny Wages.")

This video appeals to me greatly. I like the new angle showing Jim Acosta jabbing and repeating, and I notice a distinct improvement in Cavuto's dynamic colloquial English that drives the points he makes much better than constrained journalese or by pinched imitation higher class English or clever ivy league phrasing. Notice:

Now you're the ones royally foxed, a cute euphemism where the "royally" portion obviously strongly suggests "fucked."

Payback's a bitch.

... the one now kicking you in the ass.

Obama's attacks against Fox were always oblique, made to his bleacher of trained seals and dangerously through perversion of government departments and all that was just fine by his supporters who continue to parrot his perpetually annoying but accidental hissing voiceless denti-alveolar sibilant, Foxsnooze. There's therapy for that. I know, I uthed to thay my etheth like thith until the fifth grade when they forthed me into thpeech therapy, eh, it got me out clath. While Trump attacks directly, embarrassing the reporter on the spot in front of his peers. "No soup for you!" 


Sixty Grit said...

And who said "No soup for you"? The Soup Nazi, that's who.

Case closed.

edutcher said...

Pissy was a true punk.

He didn't have the guts to come out and say it like a real man (insert mental image of favorite real man - flamboyant businessman, Jewish PM, etc). If it was nose-to-nose, he clammed up like the sitzpinkler he is.

ricpic said...

Notice how no one dared call the fatuous schvarze on his shuck and jive act for EIGHT LONG YEARS. Tom Wolfe had a phrase for it: Mau Mauing the flack catchers. Except that Barry didn't even have to Mau Mau. Because our shining best and brightest were so drenched in guilt that anything less than kissing his tuchas at high noon in Macy's window would've been RACISSS. Is it over? No. Not for the anointed ones, not for our betters. Rule #1 for them is still worship the blacks, or at least fake it. But I think it may be over for the great body of the People, who will never go down that road again.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I've got no one to blame but myself.

Lem said...

The shoe is in the other tube.

Lem said...

Trump did say we were going to get so much red meat, we were going to get tired of it.

Leland said...

It's funny watching the progs talk about the nefarious threat to the first amendment because Trump refused to take a question.

It's 5 o'clock around here, which means less than one week until President Trump. I think to that, we can all raise our glass (some in sorrow and others in celebration!)