Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mimi takes a soak

Mariah Carey is still golden — in a hot tub, at least
New York Post By Jessica Sager January 4, 2017 

Mariah Carey is washing away her troubles in Aspen.
The 46-year-old singer took a solo dip in a hot tub in a dazzling gold number, full makeup, and diamonds, including a bracelet and a massive rock that looks very similar to the $10 million engagement ring from ex-fiancé James Packer.
It’s the second snap Carey’s posted in the Colorado city since her disastrous New Year’s Eve performance. On Monday, she posted another photo playing in the snow, calling Aspen a “winter wonderland.”
Carey has kept a low profile since her lip-syncing debacle, which she said left her “mortified” — but sources insist was her own fault.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

She is like one of those cute Japanese snow monkeys.

AprilApple said...

Kinda reminds me of this

Lem said...

I read somewhere that her people asked the producers of New Year's Eve celebration at what time exactly was the ball dropping. They wanted to make sure so Mariah would not be late.
It sounds too incredible to be true.

Chip Ahoy said...

I like her a lot. And what happened on NY is a bummer. But, Aspen is a town, not a city. It's population is 6,600, and an airport that handles small jets, and a world recognized jazz festival, winter X games, and global leaders network, and Aspen institute, and access to top skiing, and breathtaking Ajax mountain, and top shopping do not a city make. It's still a small town. (so f'k'n expensive the workers cannot even live there, and that's the gospel truth)

Durango is where all the cool kids go.

Trooper York said...

There seems to be one Mimi story a day in the paper.

Pretty funny.

XRay said...

I guess cause I'm old, but I don't get why Carey is a thing at all. Of course I think that about most current entertainment. Besides, wasn't there a time when lip syncing to a live audience was frowned upon, or, perhaps just showing my age again.

I see that preview glitch remains. Too bad.

Methadras said...

There is a chick i'm 'friends' with on facebook and she's always posting tease shots of herself in skimpy outfits and huge cleavage shots of her big boobies (which are nice by the way) and while she isn't an unattractive woman not unlike Mariah Carey, I can see now the allure of trying to stay relevant and 'sexy' by putting yourself on display like this at her age. If a young girl does it, meh, it's common, hot, attractive, and expected, but when an older woman does it, I have to do a double-take and wonder what her motives are. Oh, I know what they are in reality, but it's like, really? You are going to this place of self-affirmation?

Maria, we get it, you have an awesome life, doing awesome things, with awesome people and you're a little heavier and pretending your not and you have big boobies that you tease people with all the time. We. Get. It.

chickelit said...

That tub scene reminded me of fun times in Colorado. Not at Aspen, mind you. When I lived there in the 80's lift tickets were outrageously expensive. I stuck to places like Copper Mountain, A-Basin, Vail, and occasionally Steamboat Springs. Anyways, there is nothing else like sipping a cold adult beverage in an overheated outdoor pool surrounded by snow. It's perfect way to relax after skiing. Does anyone ski anymore? I haerd that everybody snowboards now.

AprilApple said...

Hi chickie

I started skiing at age 11. My parents signed me up for ski school and I took the ski school van every Saturday for a few seasons as a kid. Learned how to ski at Loveland ski area. Loveland ski area is not a resort. It's about as no-frills as you can get and it's a great place to ski if you don't want to travel far from Denver. You can day trip it. well - you must because as I said, there are no hotels or resorts at Loveland. No hot-tubs! It's also the least expensive ski area.

Last time I spent a day skiing, it was with my German pal. She and her husband have a small place in Winter park. It was fun but I really do not like the cold.

You think skiing was pricey back in the 80's? It's ridiculous now. Most locals who ski a lot buy season passes. It's the only way to go. People like me who only ski once or twice a season (if even) - it's very expensive.

AprilApple said...

Vail is my favorite place to ski. It's just so vast, and on a sunny day - it's amazing. Nothing like it. But it's super duper expensive and it's also a very snooty experience. All the fur-coat/fur-boot wearing rich people ski Vail and Aspen because of the resort town atmosphere.

But as far as amazing runs - you cannot beat Vail.

Steamboat is too freaking far away.

AprilApple said...

Ski Aspen and **You might run into pampered snobs like Mariah Carey. but probably only in the hot tub. Not on the slopes.

chickelit said...

April: I learned to ski in high school in Wisconsin at a place called Devil's Head. It's a hill, really. The snow was very icy. I enjoyed cross-country skiing in the winters and would even ski 7 miles each way to classes at the UW in the winter. I used the space between the tracks on a disused railway line. When I got to Colorado, the difference was amazing! Runs went for miles it seemed. And the snow! The powder!

chickelit said...

Dramatic chairlift rescue at A-Basin