Monday, January 9, 2017

Blessed are the Cheese-makers.

Man shoots at wife and daughter over grilled cheese sandwich: cops 

New York Post By Natalie Musumeci January 9, 2017 

He must have been really cheesed off.
An enraged Baltimore man opened fire at his home after someone took a bite out of his grilled cheese sandwich, sparking an hours-long standoff with police as he barricaded himself inside, authorities said.
Cops were called to the Dundalk, Maryland, home in response to a domestic incident around 5 p.m. Sunday, WBAL-TV reported.
When Baltimore County officers arrived, the man’s wife and their daughter came out of the house on North Point Boulevard and told them that shots were fired.
Although no one was struck by the gunfire, police officials said the unidentified man fired the weapon in a meltdown after either his wife or daughter had a taste of his grilled cheese sandwich.

“Apparently, the man had made a grilled cheese sandwich and either the wife or the daughter, we’re not exactly sure who, but somebody, one of the females in the house, took a bite of his sandwich, and apparently, that enraged him to the point that he fired shots in the house,” Baltimore County police spokesman Cpl. Shawn Vinson told the station.
The man barricaded himself inside the home alone for roughly four hours before finally surrendering peacefully to police at about 8:50 p.m.
He was taken to a local hospital for a psych evaluation and was expected to be charged, according to the news outlet.
(It's Baltimore Jake.)


Amartel said...

Suspect was heard saying, "Can't I just eat my cheese sandwich?" and weeping as he was gently pryed from the White House portico and carried by a burly gentleman to a waiting limousine.

Leland said...

I guess he was triggered.

Trooper York said...

You realize that this was in Baltimore so this had to be Government cheese?

Just sayn'

Sixty Grit said...

That was Dundalk, which has a profound accent all its own. Kind of like Brooklyn - once heard, it is not forgotten nor mistaken for any other accent.

And despite spending many years of my life in Maryland, I never, to the best of my knowledge, ever set foot in Dundalk.

And I never took no bite from no damned grilled cheese sammich, neither!

ampersand said...

This is from Tim Moore's Wiki page. Moore played the Kingfish on TV's Amos and Andy. The incident helped revive his career

Moore married his last wife Vivian Cravens (1912–1988) eight months after Benzonia's death; they had been performing as a comedy team for some time before marrying in 1957.[10][56][57] This marriage won him considerable publicity thanks to the "Roast Beef Scandal" of January 1958. Moore fired a gunshot in his home because of his "mooching in-laws" (stepson, stepdaughter, and her husband) when he found that the last of the New Year's roast beef had been eaten by them.[44] Moore related, "These free-loaders have eaten everything in the house. My wife protects them and every time we talk about it, we get into an argument. The argument got a little loud and the next thing I knew, the big boy (his stepson Hubbard) jumped out of his chair. I ran upstairs and got out my old pistol. I didn't want to hit anybody."[58]

When the police arrived at the home, Moore, pistol still in his belt, told them, "I'm the old Kingfish, boys. I'm the one you want. I fired that shot. I didn't want to hit anyone, although I could have. Anyway, you should have seen the in-laws scatter when I fired that gun

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Meltdown. Nice word choice.

But let's face reality: Taking a bite of anyone's grilled cheese sandwich (without permission) can be fatal.