Thursday, December 1, 2016

Who's afraid of the abortion lobby?

Some time after the gruesome news of the abortion doctor Gosnell came to light I sent some people that wanted to make a movie about it a little go fund me money they requested because funding such a movie through the regular channels, they said, was impossible.

Now after making the movie, the film makers have run into another problem, or so they say in this progress email they sent me...
Dear Backers
We know that you've been waiting for news about the release of the Gosnell Movie.
This is the email we didn't want to write to you.

We had hoped at this point to be excitedly announcing our release date for the Gosnell movie.
This is not that email.

We've spent many months showing this film to every major distributor in Hollywood. None of them will distribute it.

They are claiming the Gosnell movie, which is based on a true story, is “too controversial”.

This is nonsense - you know it and we know it.
Recently Hollywood has distributed several movies that have had pro-abortion storylines. They have even nominated them for awards. "Obvious Child" was a romantic comedy where a likeable couple bond over her aborting their child. "Grandma" – starred veteran actor Lily Tomlin – as a grandmother on a road trip trying to gather together enough money for her granddaughter's abortion.
Hollywood's refusal to distribute the Gosnell movie is a politically-motivated double standard because the Gosnell movie is a true story and it shines a negative spotlight on abortion.
But we are not going to give up. At every point in the story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell the establishment have tried to suppress the truth.

They suppressed the truth when he was operating his house of horrors and killing women and children.
The mainstream media refused to cover the trial and Kickstarter wouldn't let us crowdfund on their platform.

But we didn't back down and you and 30,000 people like you helped us fund and produce the Gosnell Movie.
We are pledging to you today that we will not be stopped. We are going to release the Gosnell movie independently in 2017.
It's a great film – brilliantly directed by veteran actor Nick Searcy and starring Dean Cain. It has scored off the charts at test screenings. It has been overwhelmingly popular with audiences.
David Daleiden, the undercover journalist behind the Planned Parenthood videos said: "This is the best film about abortion ever made."
We've just gone public with this story and you can read about it here in Breitbart's Big Hollywood.

Fortunately, we have one more way of getting the Gosnell story to the public right now. We have written a book based on the Gosnell case. It will be published in January and is now available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books a Million.
Thank you for your patience and your support. The world will learn the truth about Gosnell, the truth that the establishment have tried to coverup.
Ann, Phelim, Magdalena


ndspinelli said...

They need to circumvent the Hollywood cabal like Trump went around the MSM. I'm sure it will be difficult but it can be done. I would reach out to someone like Mel Gibson, an uber Catholic.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I wonder how many people thought the Nazis were okay until they found out about Josef Mengele.

AllenS said...

That would be Joe Kennedy, Sr, Eric.

edutcher said...

Abortion is a religion with the Left, their version of human sacrifice. The Lefties love death - consider how much they love the Commies. All those undesirables - deplorables? - going to the wall so only right-thinking people are left.

PS I don't think Old Joe ever saw the light. The only good one was a dead one. Same with blacks, very much a necessary evil.

deborah said...

It's scary to think public companies like Kickstarter can censor points of view. It reminds me of the gay wedding cake controversy.

Jim in St Louis said...

I’ll buy the book, it looks interesting.

It’s been documented that troops in war can have their values perverted. Gallows humor, and jokes about killing can be a release, but seeing your buddies die and having to kill the enemy can also really affect one’s moral compass. I think some war atrocities can be tied to this constant exposure to death. I bring that up to note that Gosnell did not commit his crimes alone in private. There were nurses, aides, janitors, clerical, and security who were there in the building and knew exactly what was going on. (and said nothing) Daily and constant exposure to killing (however well rationalized and justified) will change normal human morals.

I think about this when I see the CMP videos or watch an interview with an abortion provider. These are people who are elbow deep in gore every day, and who have to pretend that it is not ‘really’ killing and that these are not ‘really’ tiny children. So of course Gosnells will happen. And of course there are more undiscovered Gosnells working today.

ndspinelli said...

I clicked onto the IMBD for this Gosnell film. It is directed by Nick Searcy, who played Raylan Given's boss, Art Mullen, in Justified. This makes sense. If you listen closely, when Art is doing surveillance alone you can hear him listening to Rush Limbaugh. The radio is your best friend when doing surveillance. That and a container to pee into.