Sunday, December 4, 2016

Voter Fraud That Will Never Be Checked

(that's my handiwork, so no need to link to original)
From Power Line:
It’s hard to single out the most delicious example of the post-Trump liberal freak out, but the din about California secession has to rank high on the list. Among other obvious things, California provided Hillary Clinton with her entire margin of victory in the popular vote—without California, Trump wins the popular vote in the other 49 states handily. (Without California and the five boroughs of Manhattan, Trump’s popular vote victory starts to approach a landslide.)
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Related: California has "conservatives" but they aren't who you think they are. They are the status quo. The one-party state mimics the Old South, politically. We had this discussion here: Who Are California's Conservatives. It's truer now more than ever.


chickelit said...

BTW, I never finished that graphic. I intended to include teats and sucklings in the style of the Capitoline Wolf. I lost my access to graphics programs. Can somebody recommend a decent cheap program that I can get?

bagoh20 said...

PaintShop Pro. 64 bucks. Does everything.

bagoh20 said...

CA should secede. Then the U.S. should attack it and install a sane government. That's how we fixed Germany and Japan. Nuke San Francisco just for the hell of it.

bagoh20 said...

I think that in terms of numbers, that stuff about CA conservatives is way off, unless that's how you would describe me, yourself, DBQ, and the rest here.

As for crony capitalism, I'm naturally against it, as are libertarians, because it amounts to picking winners by size and donation potential over small businesses and individuals, but you can't blame big business for supporting crony capitalism. It's how they compete against us smaller better managed producers and innovators, but they only have power when we vote with them. They have no real votes themselves - only money, and cushy jobs to sell. They have the money to get their message out, but that doesn't mean you have to buy it. California is totally fucked because of California voters, and nothing else.

edutcher said...

It's estimated 880,000 of the 3 million illegals who voted in this election were in CA - that's a full quarter.

It's also estimated more than 24 million voter registrations are invalid, more than 1.8 million dead voters are still on rolls and more than 2.75 million Americans are registered to vote in more than one state.

Plenty of links here.

edutcher said...

bagoh20 said...

CA should secede. Then the U.S. should attack it and install a sane government.

That's what we did in 1848.

ampersand said...

The last I saw, California had 30% of the US welfare load. It's hard to find accurate government welfare statistics on the web.

If I was in charge I would allow anyone a vote to leave the Union. However it would be by county not state. I would encourage illegal voting, double voting, foreign voting and dead voting for places like L.A.,San Francisco, Portland (both), Seattle, Chicago, NYC, and most of New England.

deborah said...

Fascinating tidbit about CA delivering her the popular vote.

Ampersand, one of the reasons they said they want to secede is they pay out more in federal taxes than they receive in federal funds. That 30% amount seems like a healthy chunk of federal funds to me.

bagoh20 said...

"...they pay out more in federal taxes than they receive in federal funds."

The same people vote to have an ever increasing amount taken from them, so they can stop crying about tax money they lose until they stop voting to give it away in the first place.

Lem said...

Good news. I start at UPS Wednesday. I had my first day of orientation today. I have to go for more orientation/training tomorrow and Tuesday.

ampersand said...

Congratulations. Did you get a full time job?

Methadras said...

Congrats Lem. That's excellent news man.

edutcher said...

Good for you, Lem.

Another beneficiary of the Trump boom.

Methadras said...

As a native San Diegan, I can say with some assurance that it has been the outsiders that have infected the leftist screed in this county. Primarily from east coast. The bay area is the bay area. it's been leftist for decades and there is zero hope for it changing within anyone's lifetime. The state basically run by two regions. LA and the Bay Area. These two regions are basically where the majority of the urban leftist wealth are concentrated and oddly enough where the depravity of the state is concentrated as well.

I realize that San Diego county went blue and I'm not sure by how much, but this one party rule state by democrats is a monopoly that needs to be broken up. Republicans in Sacramento are basically persona non grata. They just show up as furniture to get sat on by democrats. There is nothing they can do against them with a super majority and the inherent problem is that conservativism in the state is fairly dead. Perfect example was the Gunmegaddon laws that got little to no attention in the most heavily armed state in the union of 13 million gun owners. Less then 150000 signatures to even get a repeal initiative on the ballot for November and when prop. 63 which outlaws magazines over 10 rounds and makes possession of them a class 1 misdemeanor, background checks for buying ammo, and stopping internet ammo sales got less then 2.5 million votes and passed with over 2 to 1 in approval of another anti-gun measure. Now it will be challenged in the courts, but even the NRA decided not to fight it at the ballot box but instead take it to the courts.

California is a lost cause for conservatives. it will never heal and become right with the rest of the country. RMPC has totally taken over the state and it's getting worse. The cry babies in the bay area can whine all they want about Trump, but in reality they are getting what they really want, which is leftist autonomy and they believe that Calexit is the way to do it. It will never happen, but all this echo chamber consolidation does is concentrate their power and everyone else gets fucked. I can't do it right now, but idaho is looking better and better. If I can find a job there doing what I love to do, I'd go in a heartbeat, but I know that once I leave California I can never come back as a function of costs and freedoms.

Trooper York said...

Great news Lem.

Remember the motto of UPS.

Heavy packages on the top....light ones on the bottom.

Trooper York said...

As far as California seceding I say let them go. If you subtracted California and NYC from the vote totals then Trump would have won the popular vote in a landslide.

bagoh20 said...

Congrats Lem. Now I have a name to use the next time my Amazon blow up doll shows up used.

ricpic said...

Here's a poem with a California setting. It's not about California, it's about something even bigger than California. But is there anything bigger than California?

Boats In A Fog

Sports and gallantries, the stage, the arts, the antics of dancers,
The exuberant voices of music,
Have charm for children but lack nobility, it is bitter earnestness
That makes beauty, the mind
Knows, grown adult.

A sudden fog-drift muffled the ocean,
A throbbing of engines moved in it,
At length, a stone's throw out, between the rocks and the vapor,
One by one moved shadows
Out of the mystery, shadows, fishing boats. trailing each other,
Following the cliff for guidance,
Holding the difficult path between the peril of the sea-fog
And the foam on the shore granite,
One by one, trailing their leader, six crept by me,
Out of the vapor and into it,
The throb of their engines subdued by the fog, patient and cautious,
Coasting all round the peninsula
Back to the buoys in Monterey harbor.
A flight of pelicans is nothing lovelier to look at;
The flight of the planets is nothing nobler; all the arts lose virtue
Against the essential reality
Of creatures going about their business among the equally
Earnest elements of nature.

The poet is Robinson Jeffers.

bagoh20 said...

"RMPC"? You mean the Rocky Mountain Prostate Center? No wonder they keep such a low profile.

Methadras said...

RMPC = Radical Marxist Progressive Collectivists

Methadras said...

RMPC = Radical Marxist Progressive Collectivists

AllenS said...

Lem, that's good news. I buy a lot of stuff over the internet, and UPS delivers a lot of it. In fact, I know the local driver, Craig, and have known him for a long time. I always tell him, "every time you show up, it's just like Christmas!"

bagoh20 said...

Reliably Mendacious Progressive Compassion

bagoh20 said...

You know what's really great about wearing brown pants?

Of course you do. That's probably reason one why you applied.

chickelit said...

Congrats, Lem!

Just think of all the joy you'll be spreading in the coming weeks. And I don't mean this kind of Joy.

Leland said...
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Leland said...

Congratulations Lem! I guess using your Amazon app will now give you a potential twofer improvement to your wallet.

ricpic said...


Don't jump a housewife named Joy, Lem.
(Are there still housewives?)
Whatever you do don't grab her stem;
You can give her high fives.

ndspinelli said...

Congrats Lem. I hope you like the color brown. Well, hopefully you do since it is your skin color.

Rhythm and Balls said...

This is really important. And also we should check into cold fusion.

Then phlogiston. That will be a really important theory to check into.

You fuckers belong in the 14th century. Post-fact presidency indeed!

Rhythm and Balls said...

I realize that San Diego county went blue and I'm not sure by how much, but this one party rule state by democrats is a monopoly that needs to be broken up.

Voters must be separated from voting machines!

Chip Ahoy said...

I learned something about package deliveries that's a bit odd. Wanna hear it? Okay, goes like this: Brace yourself, this is strange.

People who deliver packages and assist you signing for packages on your behalf, holding them as intermediary, and so forth are interested in what's inside them. Your boxes are a pain the ass to them. They must wait for you to answer the door, they must call you and tell you that you have a package. You are a nuisance.

This is true for both the main sexes, and for all ages.

Test it yourself.

I have several recent examples and so far it's running 100%.

I ask someone involved with the delivery, "know what this is?"

So far, nobody has said, "No. And I don't care either. Take your box and begone with you."

Instead, they respond positively. Even when the thing they 're delivering is stupid. Like edible paper for wrapping sticky candy. I tell them what what I have in mind for it. Gift for someone, the situation, the project, whatever. Bring life to the lifeless box that they're handling.

Yesterday was similar.

Two ladies in the office downstairs signed for three packages then called me to say that the boxes are there. One box said clearly, "Happy Socks."

I asked both, "Would you like to see them?"

Both women said, "Yes!" Enthusiastically, and rose from their chairs.

Up to that that point they're just three mysterious packages. After asking if they care to see them suddenly the office is filled with discussion of outrageous childish socks. Both women wanted them. I could have easily given away all six. Then a man entered the office and it REALLY became loud in there. "Oh fantastic! You bought me some socks." The dude jokingly pressured me to donate my new socks, and I'm all, fuck you, buy your own.

It was boring in there with usual office drudgery but once the box of colorful socks was opened the whole place suddenly sprang to life.

And even more so when UPS delivered camera equipment earlier. He entered my apartment and accepted my offer to see what it is, and to look through the eyepiece and handle the camera and take a few photos and see what it's like using an SLR. He opened up like flower blooming in Spring telling me all about his son who's taken a photography classes. He got to use equipment his son handles. Now he knows what his son is on about and now he has ideas for gifts for his son with fuller appreciation increased comprehension of what his son is up to.

And he was a pure taciturn asshole until then.

By involving these people more in sharing the purpose of the deliveries add to their job satisfaction. It's counters the negative psychological thing that sets in over time and across hundreds of deliveries, the feeling of being instrumental to but shut out from human activity. It makes them part of the process, whatever the process is. They're not just dumb cogs in the wheels of industry, rather, they're cogs in the wheels of joy.