Friday, December 9, 2016

The eagle has landed

Wedding guests sue groom after ‘photo drone crashes into their faces while they dance in tent at ceremony’

TWO women are suing a groom after they allege a photo drone hit them in the head as they danced in a tent.

Kneena Ellis, of Seabrook, and Kelly Eaton of Peabody, Massachusetts, claim they they suffered permanent physical and emotional injury as a result of the incident in August.

The suit claims roofer Barry Billcliff had flown the drone to take pictures at his wedding reception at Searles Castle in Windham, New Hampshire.

But it’s claimed his hovering video camera went haywire and slammed into their faces, injuring them on the dance floor under a tent.

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ricpic said...


*Why does the article tell us the drone flyer is a roofer? What does that have to do with anything?

edutcher said...

What were 2 women doing dancing together?

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

The article tells us it was a roofer for the same reason it tells us there's litigation.

ricpic said...

Litigation = relevant information.

Roofer = irrelevant information.

Lem said...

This is what you get when you put a roofer to do a former military drone pilot's job 😉

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Okay, ricpic, I'll bite.

Relevant to prove what?

Rabel said...

The roofer/bridegroom appears to be an ex-con with another prosecution pending.

That may or may not be relevant.