Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Democrats are going to lose it as the God Emperor changes the paradigm to one of Class and Americanism! What will they do now when all the peasants revolt?

President Trump has reached out to the black community many times during the campaign. While offering the chance to buy into the American dream by offering jobs..... he has in no uncertain terms demanded respect for law and order and law enforcement. People like Jim Brown and Ray Lewis have the street cred to talk about how you have to obey the law first. You don't get jammed up as a stupid skell if you want to do something with your life. If he can offer good jobs to this community he will make massive electoral inroads that will make the Democrats kill themselves.

President Trump will stand on stop and frisk and keeping people safe. As he has often said the people who suffer the most are the people in the black community. That might be where Giuliani can help him by outlining how he did it in New York. Sure the Tiny Dancer in Chicago and the morons in San Fransisco and even Comrade De Blasio will fight him every step of the way but thats fine. As he gets jobs into their community and economic prosperity he is going to turn it upside down.

The thing is blacks have to see themselves as Americans first. Just as the Italians and the Irish had to do.  They have sign on to a law and order agenda and do what it takes to stop the out of control crime and murders in places like Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit. It is up to them.

When a developer builds in New York he has to buy off the militant black community. So he calls up the local Reverend or activist and hands out some jobs or apartments or whatever. Just the way Ratner did with the Barclays center. All these hipster assholes wanted to start up a big protest over the Nets stadium and when they turned to the blacks they said .....nah....we are getting jobs and apartments. We got a rice bowl out of if so you can go screw yourself there Lena Dunham.

President Trump is going to do it New York Style. Outline the practical benefits to signing on to development. You think that inner city blacks are going to worry about carbon footprints and other hipster horseshit hobbyhorses when they can get good jobs at good wages? Fuggeddaboutit!

Kanye. Jim Brown. Ray Lewis. Coming to the Tower to pledge vasselage to the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne.

It all works out when you have someone who knows how to play the Game of Thrones.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

If Trump delivers improved jobs and prosperity to the black community, it will be a game changer for him (and more importantly for them).

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

It's what you call a win win.

Leland said...

The GOP will screw it up; they always do.

Trooper York said...

It is a done deal. New York Developers do this all the time. He just have to get the honest (more or less) brokers.

He needs to work through the Black Churches. Just the way they did with the Barclay's center. He can repeal the Johnson Amendment which says that churches will lose their tax exemption if they are involved in politics. If he gives them the portfolio to send people to him to get jobs .....well they will be the basis of a total change in American politics.

It is all about jobs. Jobs for American workers. Infrastructure and manufacturing jobs.

A rising time lifts all boats.

Trooper York said...

Leland you are right. But remember. Trump is not of the GOP. He did a hostile takeover.

There is a new sheriff in town. You get on the train or you get run over.

deborah said...

Trump is spinning a lot of plates. This transition seems brilliant so far. lol on the nice touch of nominating (considering?) Rick Perry for Energy...a department he wanted abolished. Trump is diabolical.

Trooper York said...

He is the master troll.

It has been very entertaining.

edutcher said...

The thought is what was happening as far back as Reagan, but Trump has the touch to get through to people.

Leland said...

The GOP will screw it up; they always do.

McConnell and Ryan are trying, but they had their shot in the primaries. You know what happened.

PS Ryan Zinke will be Secretary of the Interior. 20+ year SEAL Team Commander, set up the Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command, where he served as “Dean” of the Naval Special Warfare graduate school until his retirement from active duty in 2008.

Ran on a platform of advocating greater use of public lands for energy production such as oil and natural gas, prioritizing development of oil, gas and other resources on public lands and advocating state control of energy development on federal lands.

As you might imagine, the Lefties hate him.

Leland said...

So the big news should be the corruption of the Detroit voting precincts. Detroit has been run by Democrats for years, and the result has been terrible. Now we learn the political machine there seems to have its thumbs on the scale. Might Detroit voters tried to escape Democrat oppression in the past, only to be held back by the Democrat machine? Ryan and McConnell could spend their time better examining true voting irregularities.

edutcher said...

Ryan and McConnell aren't concerned how they could better spend their time. They're trying to save the old order.

Don't think it's gonna work.

Methadras said...

Paul Ryan is a fucking douche. He really did enter douche nozzle territory and he didn't have to. He sold his fucking soul for the speakership and the cocktail circuit. Fucking asshole.

Amartel said...

Zombie voters in 37% of Detroit's voting districts. Jill Stein (the DNC) accidentally initiates a fiendishly clever scheme to protect voter rights!

ricpic said...

Can Democrats killing themselves be my Christmas wish? Or is that unchristian?