Monday, December 5, 2016

Speaking with millennial college student

Source pic is Tucker Carlson on his show patiently speaking with a college student who wants a man on his college board dismissed for speaking with Trump. But there were previous reasons too. Video here at YouTube video

Their discussion is unproductive. Nothing is learned. 


chickelit said...

The poor kid looks well wrung.

Wring, wrang*, wrung. Those are called irregular verbs. They are more common in German, and the common ones in English are Germanic in origin.
*Wrang is not a real part of speech but wrangle is.


Lem said...

What's it going to take for anti capitalism sentiment to die. Capitalism is not a culture, it's just the most convenient way for the world to work. Going up against everybody like that is nuts?

Lem said...

These students should spend a day working at UPS. They will learn there more than they ever will reading Marx.

edutcher said...

Snowflake is ignorant.

You can't get much out of ignorance.

deborah said...

Can't bear to watch the vid, thanks.

bagoh20 said...

Having once been that age, I don't understand why anyone cares what they have to say. Nobody listened to us when I was his age. Adults would point, and pull their children aside as we passed. We had to bring home a paycheck and pay our own bills before anyone paid attention. That's a good standard.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

This child should be embarrassed. He "thinks" he is smart. He is smug and insulated in his own inflated sense of self worth. I doubt I've heard anyone use the word filler "um" more often than he does. Filling in between memorized talking points. He needs a bigger thesaurus (among other things)because he seems to love to use certain words, such as "disdain" without really knowing what that word means. Verbally challenged is an understatement.

Pencil neck sub beta male comes to mind.

I wonder if he will look at this performance and think....Wow. I was great!. or will he have some self awareness and be appalled at his own giant suckage? At what point will he become aware of his lack of any manly characteristics?

The main thing I like about Tucker Carlson is the pained and amazed look on his face as these leftists just continue to spew. I can almost hear Tucker's thoughts....."I can't believe I'm listening to this crap!"

Chip Ahoy said...

DBQ, pencil neck geek is the only thing that I saw.


I have only to inquire [face that needs to be punched] for the internet to provide me the German word for it. I thought immediately upon seeing the guy, there needs to be a German word for "neck that needs to be throttled."

A neck like that demands a hand grab it and shake. It just does.

I had the video running as I trimmed the page in photoshop, searched for good grabbing hand in another window, selected and pasted and resized, reconstructed dotted background, and all that, admiring the young man's deep voice running in another window while dismissing every single word. In one ear out the other as I concentrated on making the anim, deciding how many frames to devote, how long to throttle, how big a file to give it. I recall absolutely nothing about what the guy said. Goes like this, "blah, blah, blah, blah." I recall Carlson attempting to get the guy to see his own hypocrisy, to see his inconsistencies, and I recall the guy saying, "I don't thing so ... " but nothing at all added up.

I wondered the same thing as you. I imagined the lad quite self-satisfied with his sickeningly poor performance and all his chums going, "Right on!" Reaffirming. It will be years, decades, before he can look back at this and think, "holy shit was i ever a dope." If ever. We do encounter senior citizens precisely this thick. It's why I call them dopes on YouTube video and then never bother reading their responses.

A 65 year old man, thereabout, insisting still that Trump and supporters are motivated by racism is flatly too stupid to engage. Because any wisdom you impart will be met with the same resolute stinking shit. You can even turn the tables on them and demonstrate their genetically encoded racism and they'll return with same stuck on stupid, immovable, impenetrable, impervious shit. You can knock them across the head with a board and the stars will spin around their dazed heads with the same stinking shit. Shit stars. You can dig them a 50' grave push them into it, cover them up with the dirt removed and fumes will rise from it with the stench of the same stinking reeking shit.

So then, I call him a dope, and worse, an old dope at that who should know better by now, and he'll go to his grave an old ugly dope, and leave it at that. Then watch the responses come through Google messages and delete them all in series focusing on the X while refusing to allow my eyes to focus on what whatever it is they say back, noting with satisfaction I got them worked up and knowing they're returning with shit. So that everyone who follows who cares to go through it will see shit delivered, then shit countered and checked and wisely called out, then more of the same inane shit, shit, shit, shit, shitty shit shit.

I think that's what Carlson is doing. I think Carlson is going, "Hey, take a look at all this ridiculous resolute shit imagining itself some kind of first rate thinking or well reasoned wisdom."

Chip Ahoy said...

Oh! I dreamed we went to Tucker Carlson's house for a party. It was not anything like his real house.

A Christmas party. In the dream his house is a massive brick block of modern exterior design. Inside it's all very tasteful, more of a hotel than a home. An open atrium, rather large, with three levels of hotel rooms looking down to it. He had other guest overstaying. Vacationing up there. Ours was a separate party in a corner of the open atrium, only one thing going on there in our corner of it. We had a standard stand up cocktail party and that's it. The whole point was to let loose by way of alcohol, and nothing more than that. The home was a profit center of sorts, at least self-financed. All the other people staying there would be doing similar things. They were there to have their own parties. He built his home as a sort of power center. He hosted parties for propinquity to power and to money. To provide a pace for all that with himself at the center of activity and to draw upon it. And that's all.

chickelit said...

@Chip: The kid has the kind of neck crying out for an "Indian snakebite" instead of a wringing.

chickelit said...

Indian snakebites require two hands, however.

chickelit said...

"Indian burn" is another name for the prank.

deborah said...

lol chick, that's mean.

Chip, you can dream. Me, too, but seldom of celebrities. As DBQ once said of hers, mine can be long and complicated with subplots, etc. Once I threw a suitcase in a dumpster to be delivered forward in time. Errg, I think that calls for analysis. It was in the context of an earthquake...

Dust Bunny Queen said...

@ Deb

Dreams can be so weird. I had a weird one that was short and seemed pretty pointless.

Last night Johnny Carson was in one of my dreams. We were on his TV show stage set but the show hadn't started yet. He was a nice guy. We had a great talk, he told me some jokes and then we had to part ways. Gotta go. He told me that he could be found on channel 53.7 or it might have been 57.3. My mind made a big deal of trying to remember this number so I woke up and wrote it down on a pad of paper that I have by the bed for trying to remember this extremely important information....that last part was sarcasm.

WTF? Why Johnny Carson? Why the numbers? I have no idea.

Channel 57.3 is a Vietnamese American TV channel. Cue Twilight Zone music.

deborah said...

Once I dreamt I was on Jeopardy, and once on The [old] Price is Right :)

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Here you all go!



Amartel said...

What Bags said at 10:45. Same situation when I was growing up. They just laughed at you if you said anything stupid and so you were a little wary of saying anything you couldn't back. Hence, a lot less stupid teen spouting. Now, we all gather around and take these twits seriously which sends a wrong message that their ideas are important and interesting as opposed to recycled and recited commie poo and random nonsense.

That being said, I'm having strange new respect for Tucker Carlson of late.